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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Fear is Not the Boss of You



 I was looking for a faith based business coach for the longest time, who would not leave Faith at the door when it came to business. Then I found Jennifer Allwood. I can't even remember how I found her but her coaching for my business was a huge lifeline for me. I knew when she announced she was writing a book, it would be a great one.

Then CoVid hit and the world was thrown off its axis. Who knew that God would use this time to launch, Fear is Not the Boss of You? I mean who wouldn't want to grab this book in the midst of uncertainty. Like so many other women, I found her words in this book to be healing. Coming from a generation where my parents divorced early on, I had to face to many uphill battles alone. Even now in my own business, I have let the fears of the unknown drive some of my own insecurities and make me question certain decisions. 

I knew I had to break free from the fear that puts faith on the back burner. I needed words from a great friend who has walked those valleys to help me reach the mountaintop together with God. What a breath of fresh air this book has been for me. Jennifer is our modern day Esther. She was placed in our lives for a time such as this. To help us to break free from our fears, our thoughts, how we were raised, that all influence how we react to any situation we may face in life. 

It won't mean that I won't be afraid when I make my appointment with a dermatologist to face what I believe is skin cancer. My own father constantly reminded me that every imperfection I had was cancer, from simple breakouts to allergic reactions and those have caused me to fear going to the doctor for fear of being told I was going to have cancer. Jennifer's words of wisdom are like a balm to a hurting and wounded soul. I have since picked up several copies of this book to give to my daughters because I know at some point in their life, fear will try to steal their faith that they can do whatever they want. I want them to have that same voice telling them it's okay to still do it scared, but just do it. 

I highly recommend, Fear is Not The Boss of You by Jennifer Allwood and have received no compensation for a positive review for this book. I truly believe that healing lies beneath the cover for those that simply can't move forward in whatever aspect of your life because of fear and I am confident that you will find the courage to challenge those very fears head on. I give this book a 5 out of 5 stars. This is a must read for every woman! 

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Fear is Not The Boss of You by Jennifer Allwood

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