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Monday, February 28, 2011

When All My Dreams Come True

Bobbie McIntyre is one of the best ranch hands around. Bobbie can wrestle a calf, rope it and brand it faster than most. Bobbie also is one of the best sharp shooters around. Bobbie's reputation is well known in these parts. So when Jace Kincaid is in need of another ranch hand, and receives a letter telling him that Bobbie is on the way to his ranch, he is looking for more than what he finds.

Jace Kincaid has been dealing with cattle rustling and someone changing the brands on his cattle. Unless he can find out just who is doing it, Jace will have to shut down his ranch and let those who depend on him find another way to support themselves.

So when Jace runs into Bobbie on the outskirts of his ranch, he believes he may have found just whose been stealing his cattle. It also doesn't help much when Bobbie runs when confronted by Jace. It's only when Bobbie is knocked off the horse that things on the ranch are about to get interesting. Bobbie McIntyre is a 19 year old girl!

I received the novel by Janelle Mowery, When All My Dreams Come True, compliments of Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for my honest review. Being a huge fan of Christian Western Romance stories, I knew I couldn't wait to begin my first page. I was not disappointed.

I love the rugged outer exterior that Bobbie has to convey to show she can pull her weight on the ranch, especially when the men all give her grief. I love the vulnerability she displays when confronting her faith in God with Jace's sister Annie, and most of all the love that grows between Jace and Bobbie, along with struggles of trust that come right off the pages of this novel and dwell inside your heart. This one is a great addition to your must read list and rates a perfect 5 out of 5 stars.

Here's even more great information about the book, the author and a first chapter glimpse that is guaranteed to have you wanting to read this amazing story. This book is available in paperback, eBook and hardcover formats.

This week, the
Christian Fiction Blog Alliance
is introducing
When All My Dreams Come True
Harvest House Publishers (February 1, 2011)
Janelle Mowery


Beginning in 1998, Janelle Mowery coordinated and wrote for the Children’s Ministry of a Christian website called The Invisible Connection. When the holder of that site discontinued the ministry and website in the year 2000, she began writing inspirational fiction romance novels.

Janelle became a member of American Christian Fiction Writers in the year 2002 and is an active member and leader in one of their critique groups, which has provided many opportunities for growth and development. In 2003, she entered her first novel in the Noble Theme contest and was named one of the top ten finalists in the historical category. In 2004, she had a short story titled ‘A Fair Chance’ published in the e-magazine, Romancing the Christian Heart. In 2005, her third novel, entered in the San Gabriel Writers’ League ‘Writing Smarter’ Contest, won first place. Also, Janelle’s fifth novel made it to the top ten finalists in the Noble Theme contest.

In 2006, she signed her first contract with Barbour Publishing in their Heartsong Presents Mysteries line. The novel, Where the Truth Lies, which she co-authored with Elizabeth Ludwig, released in spring of 2008. The second and third mysteries of the series, Died in the Wool and A Black Die Affair, is set for release in 2011.

Janelle has signed with Harvest House for a historical series set in Colorado. Release of the first book is set for early 2011. She has also signed with Summerside Press. Her novel, Love Finds You in Silver City, Idaho, released in October 2010.

Janelle has been married twenty-one years and is the mother of two sons. She is a member of Sandy Point Bible Church and serves as Treasurer. She also assists in the church’s teen program.


Bobbie McIntyre dreams of running a ranch of her own. Raised without a mother and having spent most of her time around men, she knows more about wrangling than acting like a lady. The friendship of her new employer awakens a desire to learn more about presenting her feminine side, but ranch life keeps getting in the way.

Ranch owner Jace Kincaid figures the Lord is testing his faith when a female wrangler shows up looking for work. Bobbie has an uncanny way of getting under his skin, though, and he’s surprised when she finds a home next to his heart. But when his cattle begin to go missing and his wranglers are in danger from some low-down cattle thief, can Jace trust God, even if it may mean giving up on his dreams?

An adventurous novel of faith, hope, and love in the Wild West.

If you would like to read the first chapter of When All My Dreams Come True, go HERE.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Plain Wisdom

Sometimes the very best kinds of friendships develop over distances. Too often times we fail to be the very friend we are looking to find in others, but we do need to find ways to develop the friendships we have and one of the best ways to do this is to do a kindness when they're not expected.

Remember that when your friends aren't perfect, be grateful - because if they were, you'd be the only one in that relationship who wasn't.

Cindy Woodsmall is a New York Times best-selling author of several novels whose connection with the Amish community has been featured on ABC Nightline and on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. She shares her insights as a wife, mother and friend along with Miriam Flaud, who is an Old Order Amish woman who has lived within one of the most structured societies in the United States.

Cindy and Miriam have co-authored the latest novel called Plain Wisdom, in which they share how their differences have brought about a sense of respect and gratitude for one another in the very different lifestyles that have led through their lives and how that sweet blend has transformed their friendship in very delicious ways.

Throughout the book are scripture quotes in which each author gets an opportunity to share their insight or wisdom with us, their captivated audience. Whether it's through short stories shared over coffee and by the fading light of the sun, we are warmed in their love and hope. What a treasure this book was to read today and to have the opportunity to share with you, my readers.

I received this book compliments of WaterBrook Multnomah Publishers for my honest review and was so captivated by the stories of these two amazing friends that I felt I was intruding on a private conversation. Yet in the midst of the pages of this book, I found hope, redemption, forgiveness, faith and most importantly love, not only for their friends and family but for the differences that make us all unique and who we are with our own stories to share.

I loved learning more about the Amish community and feel we have so much to learn from them and in respecting their ways of living. This book rates a perfect 5 out of 5 stars. This book is available in paperback, and some eBook formats . I invite you to join in this wonderful book and promise you that it will warm your heart with friendship and love. What a great gift to offer for that special friend or family member in your life!

For more information about this book, the beautiful and talented authors, catch a sneak peek at the book trailer and first chapter of this book, and where to purchase a copy of this book, please click on the link below:

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Journey To Riverbend

April 10, 1878, was a day that an innocent man was hung. Ben Carstairs was charged with a crime that neither the sheriff or Michael Archer could prove innocent, so they sat by while Ben hung. His last wish was for Michael to return his dead mother's cross to his estranged father, Sam and hopefully explain to his father how truly sorry he was for being a disappointment to him.

Michael Archer is a man with a dark past but since finding salvation in Jesus, he is looking to find a new start in life. So when his path leads him to Riverbend in search of Sam Carstairs, he finds more than a new life there, but hope in Rachel Stone.

Rachel Stone is a woman with a past life she wished never existed. Traded among the men in her life beginning with her uncle and then sold in prostitution with Red Mary, she longs for the day when she can walk the streets of Riverbend and have men not leer at her with lust and women turn away with disgust. She too is hoping to start a new life in Riverbend thanks to the generous funding of Sam Carstairs to open a dress shop called Rachel's Hope. Little does she know the plans God has in mind for her the moment she gave her life to Him to redeem.

Since the world of Riverbend revolves around Sam Carstairs, one of the biggest and wealthiest land owners in town, he has little to fear. Yet one day as Sam is returning from San Francisco on a stage, he receives a letter from someone in his past that is about to come collecting on a debt that Sam had hoped would never surface.

When Sam goes missing from the stage along with a newlywed couple, the town will all unite to bring Sam home no matter the cost. God however has a master plan in mind when it comes to the people of Riverbend.

I received the novel Journey To Riverbend by Henry McLaughlin compliments of Tyndale House Publishers for my honest review. I loved it! Being a huge fan of western romance, I craved the open trail and the search for love and redemption in the town of Riverbend. The characters are well written so that you can come to get to know them like friends. I was hooked from the very first page and commend Henry McLaughlin for a brilliant first novel. This one rates 5 out of 5 stars. Here's hoping for even more from this amazing and talented author.

This book is available in paperback and eBook formats. For more information about the author, the book and where to pick up this book for your cold nights, click on the link below:

Journey To Riverbend by Henry McLaughlin

You can also visit Henry McLaughlin at his website:

Friday, February 25, 2011

Operation Bonnet

Twenty-year-old, Nellie Monroe has things most people her age can only wish for. She has the perfect college GPA, a job working for a man named Tank at a golf course, a boy name Matt who loves her but can't bring himself to tell her, parents that are wealthy and want her to take a year off and travel, all expenses paid of course and a desire to become to world best private investigator.

The only problem is in the small tiny Ohio town she lives in there isn't a big demand for private investigators, so when an Amish boy named Amos finds a job building a mini golf course for Tank, he confesses to Nellie that he wishes to hire her. His need is to find out whether the love of his life, Katie from the old order Amish is going to marry a man named John Yoder.

The problem is for any Englisher that Amish don't like outsiders in their homes. When Katie finds out her college professor is working on a research paper that involves her working with an Amish family learning to cook, Nellie believes she has found that open door of opportunity.

Nellie however has to find a way to keep her grandmother, Nona well enough to prevent her from being put in an old folks home. She keeps forgetting where she is and who Nellie is.

I received the novel Operation Bonnet by Kimberly Stuart compliments of Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for my honest review and once more fell in love with the characters of the story. This one rates a perfect 5 out of 5 stars for the romance and love you will find nestled between the pages that will warm your heart.

Here's even more great information about the book, the author and a first chapter glimpse that is guaranteed to have you wanting to read this amazing story.

This week, the
Christian Fiction Blog Alliance
is introducing
Operation Bonnet
David C. Cook; New edition (February 1, 2011)
Kimberly Stuart

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kimberly says:

I am a writer of comedic fiction, and would like to suggest that you laugh regularly when reading my books. Let’s also try for one to two teary moments. If you are crying more than that, you don’t understand my sense of humor and should move on to another author.

I grew up in a book-loving home. Actually, that’s not entirely accurate. My mom loves books. My dad loves to read the first chapters of books and then make us all listen as he recites his favorite passages. I, however, enjoy reading books in their entirety and came into writing as a result of book-love. After earning two fancy degrees in education and Spanish, I promptly let the thinking part of my brain take a breather and instead became pregnant. (I’m sure a lot of other things happened between early literacy and pregnancy but I don’t really remember any of that. If you also have shared your uterus with another human, you understand.)

In an effort to author a book that would entertain my sassy, irreverent, breast-feeding/drooping friends, I wrote my first novel, Balancing Act. People were so nice to me after that, I decided to continue with writing. Also, I can’t craft, knit, or scrapbook, so what else was a nice, Christian girl to do?

In addition to writing books to make my friends laugh and cry, I observe the chaos at the home I share with my unfailingly supportive husband and three offspring. We’re doing our best and so far, no one’s been to prison.


Twenty-year-old Nellie Monroe has a restless brilliance that makes her a bit of an odd duck. She wants to be a private investigator, even though her tiny hometown offers no hope of clients. Until she meets Amos Shetler, an Amish dropout carrying a torch for the girl he left behind.

So Nellie straps on her bonnet and goes undercover to get the dish. But though she’s brainy, Nellie is clueless when it comes to real life and real relationships. Soon she’s alienated her best friend, angered her college professor, and botched her case.

Operation Bonnet is a comedy of errors, a surprising take on love, and a story of grace.

If you would like to read the first chapter of Operation Bonnet, go HERE.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Truimph of The City

Today our world is focusing on making it a greener planet. More environmentally friendly and protecting our resources while in the midst of the one of the worst economic failures.

So how does one make our world a better place? Everyone has their own practical solution but did you ever look around at your current city and the cities around the world and ask yourself how are they moving forward while others are growing more and more vacant and abandoned?

Believe it or not, cities are more greener for our environment than any other place. They use less resources and have lower pollution levels than suburban areas, but why?

In the city, everything is close. Building offer dual purposes with lower, street levels offering all kinds of store fronts, restaurants and services people need to live, while higher up are where people are learning to live with less space. Less things to keep and less areas to keep clean and maintain. Not only that the more dense the city is, the more people will walk, bike and take public transportation than anywhere else. There is no need for cars, thus pollution in cities like New York are considerably less than Los Angeles.

Now in cities like Detroit where the three major car manufacturers keep the heartbeat alive, with nothing coming out of the factory like before and everything going automated, people are out of jobs. No skills to help them move forward they are leaving in droves to places where work is plentiful and thus creating a huge place where nothing is existing anymore. Buildings are sitting vacant, lots are falling into ruin and rather than build them up because there aren't resources available to keep people here, the city has no choice but to bull doze them down to make green space available.

So what can we do to bring the heartbeats back to cities all over the world? Check out the book, Truimph of the City by Edward Glaeser and find out. I was so impressed by all his research into what makes cities work over any where else and why some fail never to come back despite all the attempts to revive them. This is a great read and really makes you think about where we are headed and what we can do to ensure our own cities survival for the future.

I received this book compliments of TLC Book Tours for my honest review and have to say 5 stars for this one. This one really educated me on some things I never considered and will keep on my own list when making my next move anywhere to live. This book is available in hardcover and eBook formats.

For more information on this book, the author and where to pick up a copy of this amazing book, please click on the link below:

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Save The Date

What woman hasn't dreamed of the fairy tale ending to her own life? The one where you find the perfect guy, he proposes and confesses his undying love to you, you plan a wedding, get married and live happily ever after.

That's what Lucy Wiltshire had seen coming but never imagined that the man she'd been dating for almost a year was going to say he was leaving her for his career. Yet that's what happened and she was left holding her broken heart while the tears continued to flow.

Lucy falls back to her only remaining hope, to put herself into her non-profit project Saving Grace, a home for girls that turn 18 and are left out on the street with no source of finding work after being in the foster care system most of their lives. Lucy offers them hope. Yet when a meeting with PR rep from Sinclair Hotels tells her that they will be cutting the funding of Saving Grace by 40 percent, she fears that she will have to close the home.

Alex Sinclair, former all star football player and local hunk is running for Congress and finds that his popularity in his head and with the women in his life isn't the same as the voters of his town. So when an unexpected opportunity falls right into his arms, by way of Lucy Wiltshire attending a fundraising party and trying her best to save Saving Grace and makes a disaster of the party, Alex is about to offer her the chance of a lifetime.

If she will play the part of his fiancee, he will fund Saving Grace for the next 5 years and in the end she gets to walk away from it all without having to marry him. I mean how hard could it be to fake being in love?

I received Save The Date by Jennie B. Jones compliments of Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for my honest review. I love the story line and fell in love with the characters of Lucy and Alex, while in the end hoping for a true fairy tale ending. I was not disappointed. This one rates a perfect 5 out of 5 hearts and stars! I was smitten from the first hello. For those of you that love a good old-fashioned romance with a whole lot of southern spunk, than this one is perfect for you.

Here's even more great information about the book, the author and a first chapter glimpse that is guaranteed to have you wanting to read this amazing story.

This week, the
Christian Fiction Blog Alliance
is introducing
Save The Date
Thomas Nelson (February 1, 2011)
Jenny B. Jones


I write Christian fiction with a few giggles, quite a bit of sass, and lots of crazy. My novels include the Katie Parker Production series and So Not Happening. I would also like to take credit for Twilight , but somewhere I think I read you’re not supposed to lie.

When I’m not typing my heart out (or checking email), I teach at a super-sized high school in Arkansas.

My students are constantly telling me how my teaching changes their lives and turned them away from drugs, gangs, and C-SPAN.

Okay, that’s not exactly true.

Some facts that are true include:

I've always been refined!

A. I got my camera confiscated by big boys with guns at the American Embassy in Europe this past summer. O la la!

B. I once worked in a seed mill office and cleaned out mice on a regular basis. Ew.

C. I’m a former drama teacher.

D. I didn’t pass my drivers test the first time. Or the second…

E. I attract stray animals like a magnet.

F. I used to assemble and test paint ball guns for a local factory...

Since my current job leaves me with very little free time, I believe in spending my spare hours in meaningful, intellectual pursuits such as:

-watching E!

-updating my status on Facebook

-catching Will Ferrell on YouTube and

-writing my name in the dust on my furniture

I’d love to hear about you, so drop me a note. Or check me out on Facebook.


You’re invited to the engagement of the most unlikely couple of the year.

When the funding for Lucy’s non-profit job is pulled, she is determined to find out why. Enter Alex Sinclair, former professional football star and heir of Sinclair Enterprises—the primary donor to Lucy’s Saving Grace organization. Alex Sinclair has it all . . . except for the votes he needs to win his bid for Congress. Both Lucy and Alex have something the other wants. Despite their mutual dislike, Alex makes Lucy a proposition: pose as his fiancĂ©e in return for the money she desperately needs. Bound to a man who isn’t quite what he seems, Lucy finds her heart – and her future – on the line.

Save the Date is a spunky romance that will have readers laughing out loud as this dubious pair try to save their careers, their dreams . . . and maybe even a date.

If you would like to read the first chapter of Save The Date, go HERE

Monday, February 21, 2011

The God Hater

In today's age, video games and virtual realities are becoming a bit of the norm. Yet what we don't see is how they overlap and parallel one another.

In this technological age, artificial intelligence has been toyed with but never fully mastered, until now. Using nanobots to replicate a single cell and transfer that information to a computer has been simple, but we know the human body is made up of more individual cells than we could count, much less taking all the information and storing it in one place.

We have discovered a way to compile that information using a simple program like the ones that compile information for SETI, that has given us access to personal computers when they are not being turned on to run our data through. Billions and billions of them are being linked together to translate this data and create a virtual world in which, we, are the computer generated likenesses in a new virtual world.

The one problem is that free will of the characters can not be tampered with, they must chose their own fate, and every single program up to this point has lead to self destruction of the race. Now it's up to Nicholas Mackenzie, an professor with a rare intellect at disputing the creation theory, now has the chance to prove himself correct or admit defeat.

I received the book, The God Hater by Bill Myers, compliments of Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Tours for my honest review, and was blown away by the storyline and how much it overlaps where we, as a world and technology are headed. The parallels in the lives of Nicholas Mackenzie and his virtual alter ego, and that of the son he lost at the age of five, teaches us all a different version of the price that is paid daily for the individual choices we make and what differences we can make in the lives of those around us.

I love this book immensely for the way it uses a combination of The Matrix, Tron, and The Sims, to showcase to us all where we are headed if we choose to follow the virus. Hands down one of the best books I've read to date, with an outstanding 5 out of 5 star rating. This is a must for anyone who is interested in what the story of redemption is really all about. For those of you that love all that high tech, virtual reality and nanobots, this is one written just for you.

This book is available in paperback, hardcover, eBook, MP3 and CD formats. For more information about the book, the author and where you can purchase a copy, click on the links below:

Bill Myer's website is located here.

Facebook users can check this out on Bill's Facebook page.

To purchase a copy from Amazon, click here.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Walking With Elephants

Suze Hall is finding out that she is at a crossroads in her life. This is not your average mid-life crisis either. Suze is married to Bob, who announces to her one day that he is taking a 6 month sabbatical from his job to head to Australia and conduct a research project.

Suze is confused until Bob tells her that he plans on going alone, and it's only 6 months. Her oldest son, Skip announces on the eve of Bob's departure that he plans on moving out to a dorm closer to his college class. Even though it's still local, another one is planning on leaving the nest.

Not to mention that just when she thinks nothing else can happen to rock her world, she finds out the publishing company where she works is being bought out, her boss forced into an early retirement and now her worst nemesis at work, Wanda, is being promoted to her new boss. When she doesn't think it can get much worse, she is assigned to promote art books in which she knows nothing about.

Fearing her latest boss is out to finally get her fired from the company for lack of competence in her job, Suze only confidants in the world are her crazy college friend Marcia who remains single and whose lifestyle Suze lives vicariously through on occasions and Elliot, her gay co-worker who lives for art and promises to help her keep her job and learn more about it.

The artist Elliots wants to introduce her to is the up and coming hottest artist on the scene David Braemer, her old college ex who is doing more than rekindling old college memories.

I received the novel Walking With Elephants by Karen S. Bell compliments of TLC Book Tours for my honest review and could easily relate to a lot of the circumstances that are brought up in the book by the character of Suze in the way she feels she looks now in her mid forties waking up first thing and looking in the mirror, to comments made about her weight by her husband and kids in an off handed manor, to wondering if this six months without her husband will be a good thing for her after all. Without giving it away this book offers you a virtual vacation in the way Suze decides to handle this crossroads, physic connection to the cosmos or not.

This book is available in paperback format. I highly recommend this book at a 4.5 star rating out of 5. This is definitely something most women in their forties can relate to with a smile and much laughter.

For more information on this book, the author and where to purchase a copy of the book, simply click on the link below:

Unstuff - Making Room In Your Life for What Really Matters

Most of us have seen the latest shows on TV or cable that showcase how to effectively declutter your home, get more organized and how to balance those priorities in our lives. We have also seen the extreme side of those things as well in programs that showcase what happens when we have so much stuff we can find our way through rooms.

Yet I know if you're like me, we aren't that extreme, we may have a few messy, disorganized closets, drawers and places where we may store our stuff hoping that one day we will use it, so why throw it away.

In the book, Unstuff - Making Room In Your Life For What Really Matters by Hayley and Michael DiMarco, they outline for you things you may have never considered in streamlining your need for things in your life.

They also challenge you to take back control of your home, your car, your workplace and even your planner to find ways to allow more "room" back into your life again.

One simple challenge that really got me thinking was my closets. The challenge was to go into the deepest part of that closet and pull something out. Why is it there? If you haven't used it in a year than get rid of it, donate it, or sell it. If it were that important to you, it wouldn't be buried in the back of your closet.

Like me, I have tons of things I am hoping to wear "someday" but that day may never come so why not bless someone else who has a true need of that now? Here's a great way to think about things in your home to analyze if you have too much clutter:

1. Do you find rotten fruit and vegetables stuffed in the back of the fridge?

2. Do the boxes on your pantry shelves expire before you eat them?

3. Do you have clothes in your closet you haven't worn in years?

4. Is your garage stashed with odds and ends that you'll probably never use?

Along with some cute stories and quotes, you find God's promises to leading a fulfilled life without stuff trying to meet those needs. This is a great resource for anyone looking to get more organized in every area of their life.

I received this book compliments of Tyndale House Publishers for my honest review and would highly recommend this to everyone I know. It has helped me clear out space not to fill it with more stuff but to realize I don't have to keep stuff for those "someday" uses. I can help those who could use it now. This one rates a full 5 stars!

For more information on this book, the authors and even where to purchase a copy, please click on the link below:

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tick Tock

NYPD's # 1 Detective Michael Bennett has a huge problem. Someone is planning and masterminding a crime spree in New York like never before. They are conducting copy cat crimes of some of worst America has every seen, the Son of Sam, the Werewolf of Wysteria, Mad Bomber, just to name a few. Not only that but it's not some crazy terrorist act plaguing New York again, but an intelligent, rich and ex military that is calculating everything down to the last detail and filming it all.

Caught in the midst of his vacation with his ten adopted kids in Breezy Point, Michael Bennett's love life is also caught in a web of confusion and chaos. Even while the crime spree in New York is spiraling out of control and terrorizing it's citizens, racial tension is running high against Michael's own adoptive children.

Will he be able to catch the killer or will Michael Bennett, himself, become the star of his very own crime reenactment?

I received James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge's latest novel, Tick Tock, compliments of Hachette Book Groups and Little, Brown and Company for my honest review and once more, never disappointed. Caught up in the page by page action and wondering just who the killer is and what the next crime would be, I was held captive myself until I finished the final page holding my breath. This one is a 5 star thriller! This is also book #4 of the Michael Bennett series!

For more information about this book, the author and where to get a sneak peek into the book, please click on the link below:

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Georgia Bottoms

She needed to change her last name. It's hard to be taken serious in a town when you last name is really Butts. So way before she was born her family had the name changed. Being a devoutly Baptist Southern belle, Georgia Bottoms is well-known in Six Points, Alabama.

The women in the sweet, small town know her for her annual women's luncheon is which is the occassion for celebration in the small town. She is known for her elaborate menu from Lobster Scallion Shooters to Pizzetta Bruschetta, to her well dressed home and finely decorated table with all the touches that Martha Stewart herself would be jealous of.

Even Georgia Bottoms herself, dressed to the high nines in Ann Lauren and wearing Chanel No. 5 is not about to be upstaged by anyone. Every lady in Six Points awaits Georgia's luncheon like a child waiting for Christmas.

But that isn't all Georgia Bottoms is well-known for, just ask the Judge, the local sheriff, the CEO at the bank, the town doctor and even the church minister. Georgia has a day dedicated to every single one of them and none knows about it but Georgia.

However, even the best laid plans can come unglued at the proverbial seams and no amount of planning could prepare Georgia for what's about to happen.

I received the novel, Georgia Bottoms by Mark Childress compliments of Hachette Book Groups and Little, Brown and Company and besides all of Georgia's antics and even living with her mother and brother, the book still rates a 4 out of 5. This book does contain some sexual content but the story is wonderful and easy to relate to the character of Georgia who thinks she has everything and everyone planned out perfectly. This book is available in eBook and Hardcover formats.

For more information on this book, the author and where to can get a sneak peek at this latest novel to hit bookshelves, please click on the link below:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This week, the
Christian Fiction Blog Alliance
is introducing
B&H Books (February 1, 2011)
Ginny Yttrup


Ginny Yttrup is an author, freelance writer, and writing coach. As she writes, speaks, and coaches, her prayer is that God will use her words to replace the lies so many believe about themselves with the truth of His unconditional love and grace. To see someone grasp, perhaps for the first time, the truth of God's love, is truly an honor. Through a relationship with the Truth, Jesus Christ, the bonds of shame are loosed and freedom abounds!

When Ginny is not working, she loves spending time with her two college-age sons or with friends. She is surrounded by the most amazing people--each a gift in their own way. If she can spend time outdoors with those she love, it's even better. And she thoroughly adores her dog, Bear. He's a book lover too.

She has two grown sons and lives near Sacramento, California. Words is her first novel.


"I collect words. I keep them in a box in my mind. I'd like to keep them in a real box, something pretty, maybe a shoe box covered with flowered wrapping paper. Whenever I wanted, I'd open the box and pick up the papers, reading and feeling the words all at once. Then I could hide the box. But the words are safer in my mind. There, he can't take them."

Ten-year old Kaylee Wren doesn't speak. Not since her drug-addled mother walked away, leaving her in a remote cabin nestled in the towering redwoods-in the care of a man who is as dangerous as he is evil. With silence her only refuge, Kaylee collects words she might never speak from the only memento her mother left behind: a dictionary.

Sierra Dawn is thirty-four, an artist, and alone. She has allowed the shame of her past to silence her present hopes and chooses to bury her pain by trying to control her circumstances. But on the twelfth anniversary of her daughter's death, Sierra's control begins to crumble as the God of her childhood woos her back to Himself.

If you would like to read the first chapter of Words, go HERE.

Watch the book trailer video:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lone Star Intrigue

Wouldn't you love a book that offers a sequel within it's pages? What about two incredible action packed, suspense-filled Christian romance stories? Well then this novel, Lone Star Intrigue is just what you need to warm your nights and fill you with a sense of awe.

Lone Star Intrigue by Debra White Smith is two novels in one, Texas Heat and Texas Pursuit. Here is a glimpse of what each of those is about:

Texas Heat introduces us to the Mansfield brothers, Jack, and Sonny along with their youngest Ryan. Jack is the local chief of police in Bullard, Texas while Sonny is a private investigator. Ryan is dealing with his recent divorce and raising his sons alone. Jack has been dealing with the affects of his long time girlfriend, Charli who he had planned on marrying until a sweet-talking, rich man came along and stole her heart and broke Jack's.

It's when Jack has to arrest Charli for embezzeling funds from the bank she's worked at for the last two years, Jack's loyalty and love is put to the ultimate test. Jack vows to keep his distance from Charli while trying to figure out just if she is guilty or not.

Texas Pursuit picks up right where Texas Heat leaves off and takes us into the life of Sonny Mansfield, whose been hiding a secret from his family. When he is hired by a man to find his wife who has taken their 3-year old son, Sonny is more than happy to help. It's only when his gut tells him that perhaps his story isn't as true as he has confessed that Sonny feels guilty for being concerned more with taking his money than finding out the truth. Now Sonny must do what he can to make sure that his role in Tanya O'Brien's life hasn't cost her the life of her son and her own.

I received this wonderful novel compliments of Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for my honest review and give it a full 5 out of 5 Texas size stars. I love this series and could relate to the Mansfield men and how complicated their lives are and how they manage to put the pieces back together. I can't wait for the next book in the Lone Star Intrigue series as we get a glimpse of it at the end of these two. This one comes with my recommendation as a must read.

Here's even more great information about the book, the author and a first chapter glimpse that is guaranteed to have you wanting to read this amazing story.

This week, the
Christian Fiction Blog Alliance
is introducing
Lone Star Intrigue
Avon Inspire (February 1, 2011)
Debra White Smith


Debra White Smith is a seasoned Christian author, speaker, and media personality who has been regularly publishing books for over a decade. In the last twelve years, she has accumulated over 50 books sales to her credit with over 1 million books in print. Her titles include such life-changing books as Romancing Your Husband, Romancing Your Wife, The Divine Romance: Developing Intimacy with God, the The Lonestar Intrigue fiction series, and The Jane Austen fiction series.

As a woman of God, Debra is committed to the highest standards of integrity and to spending hours a week being still before the Father, staying in tune with Him, and listening for His voice of direction in all she does. This commitment to romancing the Lord, coupled with her lifestyle of devouring, analyzing, and dissecting the Word of God has allowed God to bring about a miracle of deliverance and healing in Debra's spirit, mind, and soul. For you see, Debra holds a double Ph.D. from the toughest schools in the world. The first Ph.D. from the "School of Hard Knocks" and the second, from the "School of Very Hard Knocks." Aside from that, she holds an M.A. in English from the University of Texas.

Along with Debra's being voted a fiction-reader favorite several times, her book Romancing Your Husband was a finalist in the 2003 Gold Medallion Awards. And, her Austen Series novel First Impressions was a finalist in the 2005 Retailer's Choice Awards. Debra has been a popular media guest across the nation, including Fox TV, The 700 Club, ABC Radio, USA Radio Network, and Moody Broadcasting. Her favorite hobbies include fishing, bargain-hunting, and swimming with her family. Debra also vows she would walk 50 miles for a scoop of German Chocolate ice cream.


In the small town of Bullard, Texas, the Mansfield brothers seem to have everything in order . . . except for their love lives. Jack is the lonely police chief still pining after Charli, his college girlfriend. Younger brother Sonny keeps busy on the road as a private investigator, and a secret from his past prevents him from finding someone to settle down with. But all that is about to change...

Read the two stories...

In Texas Heat, Charli is wrongly accused of a terrible crime. Now Jack must arrest the one woman he's ever loved and risk everything to prove her innocence and save her life.

In Texas Pursuit, a single mother is a target of a relentless stalker—and Sonny finds himself both the only man who can protect her and the one who inadvertently leads danger back into her world.

Page-turning novels of romance and suspense, the Lone Star Intrigue series will give you faith in the power of love, and remind you that having faith in a God who redeems our mistakes is the greatest love story of all.

If you would like to read the first chapter of Lone Star Intrigue, go HERE.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Devil's Star - Giveaway and Review

Detective Harry Hole used to have it all. Great job, reputation and respect of his colleagues and his girlfriend Rakel, and then in a short span of time, he begins to unravel like a ball of yarn, held at one end while being tossed in the air.

The loss of things in his life has taken it's toll and his only solace is the bottle of a Jim Beam bottle. Anything to try to keep the nightmares at bay.

When a mysterious murder happens in a flat in Oslo, Harry is called in to work after a long holiday as a last resort. Unfortunately for him, his partner in this case is Tom Waaler, who Harry personally holds responsible for the death of his last partner Ellen. However when every witness and lead in that case turns up empty handed, Harry wonders if his nightmares are becoming reality.

Tom Waaler is Oslo's next up and coming chief of police. Well admired and loved by those that work with him, he is good at what he does, solving crimes. However when a red star diamond begins to show up in all the murders in Oslo and fingers are being systematically removed, will Tom be able to work with Harry long enough to solve the case and put this latest serial killer behind bars or does he have other motives?

I received the novel The Devil's Star by Jo Nesbo, compliments of TLC Book Tours for my honest review. Being a huge fan of authors like James Patterson, this one will completely satisfy any mystery crime fan in huge ways. Not only does Jo have you hanging on the edge of your seat with every page turn but this one you will want to read with the light on to keep the nightmares at bay. A perfect 5 out of 5 star rating! Available in hardcover and paperback formats.

For more information about this book, the author and where you can purchase a copy of this book, please click on the link below.

The Devil's Star by Jo Nesbo

Thanks to the folks at TLC Book Tours, they are offering a copy of this wonderful book as a giveaway to one lucky follower of this blog. Here are the details:

1. Be a follower of the blog, Reviews of the Heart.

2. You must have a US or Canada shipping address and please No P.O. Boxes.

3. I need a way to contact you, so please make sure to include your email address along with your comment. You may use the words (at) and (dot) instead of the symbols.

4. Leave me a comment and let me know why you'd love to win this novel. The giveaway will end on February 21st and the winner will be notified by email at that time.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lady In Waiting


We make them everyday. Sometimes we truly believe however, that some of those choices are made for us.

Overdemanding parents who assert their will for us in our lives setting expectations on what they feel is "best" for us.

Today we live in a world where it's OK to make choices.

In the early 1500's, most choices for daughters were made by their parents. Mostly for the benefit and well being of their daughter and family, but the daughters desires were never really considered.

Jane Lindsay believes that where she is at today in her personal life, her professional one and even who she is married to were not her choices but that of her overbearing parents. Now that Jane has been dealt with her husband Brad's decision to give their marriage some time while he relocates to a different city, Jane once more feels that nothing is within her control.

Jane Grey was only 11, when she felt she had found the perfect man for her. He could provide for her and her family and was an up and coming member of the nobility class. Yet her choice was not hers to make. It was up to her parents. Their decision was all about influence and political posturing within the country over the next Queen of England during the reformation.
Oh how she wishes her parents would ask for her opinion, but that is not a choice she has.

When a mysterious ring turns up in a centuries old prayer book with a Latin inscription from the Song of Solomon with the name Jane on it, it will unite both of their lives in unique, mysterious and life changing ways. What will they choose to do with their fate?

I received the latest novel Lady In Waiting by Susan Meissner compliments of WaterBrook Multnomah for my honest review. Being a fan from many years ago of the life of Lady Jane Grey and her historical life, I fell in love with the two parallel lives of both Jane's in two different periods of time that overlap one another. This one is a 5 out of 5 stars for anyone who loves historical Christian romance.

This book is available in paperback, eBook and MP3 download formats. For more information about the book, the author and where to get a copy of this amazing book, please click on the link below:

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Rhythm of Secrets

Often times the more secrets we hide and lies we tell, we begin to lose focus on what really remains of the truth any longer.

In the newest novel, The Rhythm of Secrets by Patti Lacy, we are introduced to Shelia Franklin, who is happily married to a pastor of a well known church for the last 18 years. In one small phone call, Shelia's life begins to unravel. The voice on the other end of the phone is that of her son, she gave up for adoption that wants to meet her. That wouldn't normally pose a problem except that Shelia hasn't ever explained that part of her life to her husband. Lucky for her, he is headed out of town for a meeting when she makes arrangements to meet at an undisclosed location where she won't be seen as a pastor's wife by any one who would know her.

What follows during the lunch meeting with her son, set the table for an unexpected twist of fate that will come full circle when all of her deepest, darkest secrets will be exposed for the first time. Will Shelia survive intact with God's help?

I received this book compliments of Litfuse Publicity for my honest review and found the book entertaining for how she has played out her life for so long hiding so many things from the people she has loved the most. This book rates a 4.5 out of 5 stars. At first, the chapters are confusing until you realize that each of the names that Shelia uses are parts of her life she has kept secret.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Promises To Keep

To Tillie, ownership was in fact a matter of sweat, years, and love a person poured into a house. If the latter was true and could hold up in court, this house would be Tillie's Long after she was dead.

Janis Anthony, along with her 17-year old son Wally, 11 year old daughter, Rosalind who goes by Roz with a Z instead of an S, and Valerie who was 2, moved into a home that her grandfather paid cash for when she needed a place to live.

Janis and her family left her abusive husband, Alan, and decided for safety of herself and her kids to move far away and never look back. That's all that Roz can remember is watching her Daddy crying on the stoop of their house as they drove off. Her momma never did look back.

Tillie has vowed that she will die in the house that her and her now deceased husband Ross built back in 1917, but since a recent slip and fall on ice that left her with a hip injury, her three sons moved her into St. Claire's Home for the Aged and sold her home. Yet when Tillie keeps escaping from the home and laying claim to the house Janis and the kids live in, God is about to bring about a new kind of family that will meet all of their needs.

I received the latest novel, Promises To Keep by Ann Tatlock compliments of Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for my honest review and found myself captivated by the warmth and sincerity of two different circumstances united under one roof. I love Tillie Monroe and all the wisdom that her age has brought to the troubled Anthony family and watching it play out on the written pages of this heartwarming book.

Here's even more great information about the book, the author and a first chapter glimpse that is guaranteed to have you wanting to read this amazing story.

This week, the
Christian Fiction Blog Alliance
is introducing
Promises to Keep
Bethany House (February 1, 2011)
Ann Tatlock


Ann Tatlock is the author of the Christy Award-winning novel All the Way Home. She has also won the Midwest Independent Publishers Association "Book of the Year" in fiction for both All the Way Home and I'll Watch the Moon. Her novel Things We Once Held Dear received a starred review from Library Journal and Publishers Weekly calls her "one of Christian fiction's better wordsmiths, and her lovely prose reminds readers why it is a joy to savor her stories." Ann lives with her husband and daughter in Asheville, North Carolina.


Eleven-year-old Roz (Rosalind) Anthony and her family have just moved to Mills River, Illinois, to escape an abusive situation. Only days after settling into their new home, they are surprised to find the previous owner, Tillie Monroe, on their front porch reading the newspaper.

Though her sons have sold the house and sent her to a facility for the aged, she is determined to die in the place she lived her life, and somehow manages to find her way "home" day after day. Feeling sympathy for the elderly woman, Roz's mother allows Tillie to move back in.

Mara Nightingale becomes Roz's first friend in Mills River. In spite of their many differences, the girls discover they have something in common that binds them together--both are hiding secrets. So they make a promise--"cross my heart and hope to die"--never to tell anyone else. When danger stalks the Anthonys, Tillie exhibits unimaginable courage and selfless love in her determination to protect the family she has adopted as her own.

If you would like to read the first chapter of Promises to Keep, go HERE.

Yoplait Frozen Smoothie - Giveaway and Review

2011 is a year of change for my family. We have all agreed to make this a more healthy year which has involved adding a lot more things to our diets and eliminating choices that are less than healthy for our bodies.

One of these is the addition of Yoplait Frozen Smoothies for breakfast. They are a simple way to add healthy fruit along with your choice of milk and blend. What could be easier in the mornings plus knowing that you are providing a health alternative for breakfast.

Each package of Yoplait Frozen Smoothies contains one full serving of fruit (1/2 cup) and 110 to 120 calories per serving. Not only does Yoplait yogurt contain live and active cultures, but when prepared with skim milk and made according to package directions, Yoplait Frozen Smoothies are a good source of calcium.

They are also available in found in the frozen fruit aisle of your local grocery store, Yoplait Frozen Smoothies come in four delicious flavors. Be sure to check out the newest flavor, Blueberry Pomegranate, along with other favorites like Triple Berry, Strawberry Banana, and Strawberry Mango Pineapple.

This has helped our family add more fruit servings to our day which is something that we have agreed to do this year. So raise your smoothie glass and toast to a new you in 2011!

Yoplait provided you with the product, and information through MyBlogSpark for my honest review and can honestly say my family loved it! I would recommend it as a healthy way to start your day and can rate this product a 5 out of 5 stars.

Thanks to Yoplait and MyBlogSpark, they are offering a giveaway prize package to one lucky follower of this blog. You will receive a VIP coupon to try Yoplait Frozen Smoothies, a drawstring backpack, a water bottle and a fitness journal.

Here are your guidelines to enter:

1. You must be a follower of this blog, Reviews From The Heart.

2. You must be a resident of the US and No P.O. Boxes please.

3. I must have a way to contact you if your the lucky winner so please make sure to include your email address along with your comment. You can use the words (at) and (dot) instead of the symbols.

4. Leave me a comment and let me know how you would plan to incorporate Yoplait Frozen Smoothies into your own healthy living plan? The giveaway ends on 2/17 and I will notify the winner at that time.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Moonface - Giveaway and Review

Warning: May cause increased appetite and fat deposits. May cause acne, hair growth, weight gain, and a moon-face complexion.

These were printed on the orange bottled prescription bottle of Prednisone that Charlie had picked up and began reading and that is where I got my nickname, Moonface from.

Little did I know how much Charlie would change my life, first as someone I could relate to and be myself with and then someone who would quite literally become my hero. Charlie became my hero when after one kidney failure that my brother donated to me, he willingly donated his.

Even now when friends ask us why he still hasn't asked me to marry him, he jokes and says, "She has my kidney and now she wants me heart too?" and the group begins to laugh.

This is just a small sampling of the wonderful story that you will find yourself immersed in by Angela Balcita in the novel Moonface. It's a unique behind the scenes memoir about how one woman found romance and laughter in the midst of a life threatening illness.

We learn first hand through a wonderful woven blend of humor and love that shows the unique perspective on how our attitude towards life really does help us deal with the most difficult of circumstances that life will throw our way.

I received this heartfelt memoir compliments of TLC Book Tours for my honest review and loved every page of it. My grandmother passed away from kidney failure when my mother was only three so this became a personal story for me in seeing things from another's eyes. This book is a beautiful 5 hearts out of 5 for the love story alone! This book is available in paperback and eBook formats.

For more information about the book, the author and where to purchase a copy of this book, please click on the link below:

Moonface by Angela Balcita

For one lucky follower of my blog, TLC Book Tours is giving away a copy of this amazing book. Here are your guidelines:

1. You must be a follower of Reviews From The Heart.

2. You must be a resident of the US or Canada and No P.O. Boxes please.

3. I must have a way to contact you so please include your email address with your comment. You can use the words (at) and (dot) instead of the symbols.

4. Leave me a comment and let me know why you'd love to win a copy. The giveaway will end on February 16th. I will notify the winner by email after that.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another Dawn

Grace Graham loves to run! Not just the kind you do for exercise but anytime life gets too complicated, she runs rather than face it head on.

Her life is slowly falling apart little by little, starting first with the death of her mother, which she completely holds her father responsible for, blaming her boyfriend for possibly cheating on her since he wasn't taking her phone calls, thus ending that relationship and now because of that break up with Steve, her investment company contact, her friend Jasmine will not get her Bed and Breakfast sold so she can deal with her autistic son.

So what's make sense rather than avoid all that? When her sister, Jana calls with a dilemma of dealing with their father's upcoming surgery, she asks Grace to help for two weeks to care for their father. She'd rather have teeth pulled without Novocaine rather than deal with her father. So when Jana rudely informs her that its her turn to start helping out with the family, out of guilt she complies.

She packs up her son Dylan and heads for Shoal Creek, Tennessee as a test to prove that she isn't someone that runs from things. Grace believes if she can last two weeks with her father maybe things can change for her. But in Graces past lies a secret that can put her son's life and the lives of the other children at risk. Will she face it head on or will she run again?

I received Another Dawn from Kathryn Cushman compliments of Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for my honest review and found a parallel in the relationship she has with her father, much like the one I have with my own father. I identified in so many ways with Grace and how often when you really want to speak your mind, sometimes holding your tongue is the best approach. This is a must read for anyone looking to resolve some of the issues from your past that may be holding you back. For that reason, it's a 5 out of 5 stars.

Here's more information on the author, the book and even a first chapter sneak peek!

This week, the
Christian Fiction Blog Alliance
is introducing
Another Dawn
Bethany House (February 1, 2011)
Kathryn Cushman


Kathryn Cushman is a graduate of Samford University with a degree in pharmacy. After practicing as a pharmacist, she left her career to marry and begin a family and has since pursued her dream of writing.

Other books by Kathryn, A Promise to Remember was a finalist for the American Christian Fiction Writers Book-of-the-Year in the Women’s Fiction category, and Waiting for Daybreak was a finalist in Women’s Fiction for the Inspirational Reader’s Choice Award.

Leaving Yesterday, her third novel, was a finalist for the ACFW Carol Award.

Now her fifth book, Another Dawn, has arrived in stores, and I’m very excited about it!

On the homefront, Kathryn has been married to Lee for over twenty years now, and their two daughters are currently braving the worlds of junior high and high school. They’ve lived in Santa Barbara for the last nineteen years. It’s a beautiful place and Kathryn feels blessed to be there (although a seventy degree Christmas still leaves her dreaming of a white one—or at least a colder one!)


Grace Graham is back in Tennessee with her four-year-old son on a short unpaid leave from work, helping her father recover from surgery and spending time with her sister.

Shoal Creek seems more backward than ever after her years in California, and it's hard to find organic food anywhere. When the unthinkable happens and her son is diagnosed with measles, Grace's fears over modern medicine take a dangerous turn.

Worse, the town has fallen into quarantine and its residents focus their anger and blame on Grace. She is alone and scared, until one brave woman chooses to reach out a hand of forgiveness and mercy. But when the outbreak takes a life-threatening turn, will Grace be able to forgive herself?

If you would like to read the first chapter of Another Dawn, go HERE.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Looking For Book Reviewers

This is the perfect opportunity for those of you seeking to become a book reviewer! Jim Wysong, author of the book, The Neutering of the American Male is looking for a few bloggers to review his book.

Trust me this is an outstanding book for both men and women. I have included the link from my personal review on this must read book for you as well. Please click here to view the details of what this book is all about.

Here is what you are promising to do:

1. Read the book and provide your honest feedback.

2. Post your review on your blog as well as on Amazon.

3. Email Jim with your links once they are posted.

If you are interested, please email me with the following:

1. Your blog Name and URL

2. Your mailing information so that Jim can send you a copy of the book to review.

3. Reason why you'd love to review this amazing book.

My email is attached to my profile so I look forward to hearing from you. Again this is a great book you don't want to miss. Jim will be contacting each of you personally to let you know if he has selected you to review his book. What a great opportunity that I know you won't want to miss.

Hush - Giveaway and Review

Lake Warren is trying hard to keep herself distracted while she deals with her divorce and subsequent custody agreement with her soon to be ex-husband Jack. She is a marketing consultant trying hard to find a new way to showcase a fertility clinic that specializes in helping women over 40 have a baby.

It doesn't make things any easier when her lawyer advises her that Jack is seeking full custody and that she should live like a nun until the case is settled. What she doesn't expect is to engage in harmless flirting with a very attractive new Dr. Mark Keaton a recent addition to the clinic who seems more than interested in her.

After a company dinner and an unexpected trip to Dr. Keaton's apartment for late night drinks which once again remind Lake that she is still attractive despite her husband's affair, she spends the night with him. When she awakes on the terrace and finds her way back inside, she discovers that he has been murdered and thus the mystery begins.

Instead of calling the police, Lake leaves the scene of the crime not wanting to provide her husbands lawyers with the proof they would need to take her children away. What transpires over the course of the book is a suspenseful, edge of your seat, mystery that has you flipping more pages just to find out who did it.

I received the book, Hush by Kate White, compliments of TLC Book Tours for my honest review and inhaled it in one sitting with the lights on. What a great mystery that held my interest from the first chapter all the way to the end. My only negative reaction is that I want more, and thankfully there's another one in the works thanks to Kate! This one rates a 5 out of 5 stars and won't disappoint the reader.

For more information about the book, the author and where to purchase a copy of this heart-stopping book, click on the link below:

For one lucky follower of this blog, you can enter to win a copy of this book, thanks to the generous folks at TLC Book Tours and Kate White. Here are the details to enter:

1. You must be a follower of this blog, Reviews From The Heart.

2. You must be a resident of the US or Canada and No P.O. Boxes please.

3. I must have a way to contact you if you're the lucky winner, so please provide an email address with your comment. You can use the words (at) or (dot) instead of the symbols.

4. Leave me a comment and tell my why you'd love to win a copy. The giveaway will end on February 14th. I will notify the winner via email at that time.