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Monday, October 28, 2013

The Fire

What would you do if you found yourself with the unique ability to travel back through time? Would you take a risk and do it? That is just where Kevin Johnson finds himself after joining his family to go through his grandparents house in Wallace, Idaho. Kevin just recently graduated from college with two majors in Earth Science and Physics. Now while attempting to kill a spider in his room, he spills an ice tea and discovers the tell-tale marks of a hidden storage space beneath the wooden floor. What he uncovers is a stash of diamonds, double-eagle gold coins, and more along with his great great grandfather's leather journal. In it he discovers that the rock shed in the back yard can be accessed through a solstice sun or a full moon and when using the gold coins to spell out the year you want to travel back to, the shed becomes a time travel portal.

Since following his great great grandfather, Asa Johnson's journal he discovers that Asa himself has been time traveling quite a bit and thus the need for money that can be spent in 1910 as well as 2013. Kevin decides to take his own journey back to 1910 as life in the current year hasn't brought him much in the way of love and believes an adventure is just the thing to get his mind off things, especially being left alone in the house while his family takes a weekend side trip. What Kevin uncovers is that while he is in 1910, his place in the current year of 2013 is just as he left it. As though he hadn't been gone at all. So he takes another journey and this time finds there is quite a bit to uncover in the town his great great grandfather was a part of. Now if he can only convince others there, that he truly belongs in the year 1910. However Kevin knows that on August 20, 1910, a great fire will come to the town and virtually wipe out most of the town as well as left 85 people dead due to multiple fires caused by months of drought and high winds.

What he doesn't expect to find is not only a love of becoming a teacher in the high school, but also in falling head over heels in love with not one lovely young lady, but two. There is quite a difference in the standards of courting women in the 1910's from the fast paced romance of 2013 and all Kevin knows is that as much as he wants to go back to the present time, his heart won't let him go. Will he be able to convince Sarah Thompson, the woman he first laid eyes on when he arrived in town that he really is who he claims to be, a time traveler from the future?

I received The Fire from John A. Heldt compliments of the author himself and I've been delighted to read John's previous novels in the Northwest Passage Series, with this one being Book 4 in the series. Each one of them feels so historically rich in detail I can not only vividly picture the events and people but also feel like I am truly there. This is such a great series for readers who enjoy a novel on time travel and historical fiction with some amazing romance thrown in for good measure. I'd rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars in my opinion. This was a well-researched novel that showcases the 1910 Great Fire which you can read about through the many references he includes in this novel.

For more information about The Fire, John A. Heldt or where you can pick up a copy of this exceptional novel today, please click on the links below:

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