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Friday, May 2, 2014


"I wanted to get out of there before someone found us. Accused us. Steady sat unfazed. Unmoving. She curled into a fetal position in his lap while he whispered in the air above her.

The circular burn around her neck was not going away any time soon. A tattoo sans ink. As were the burns on my hands. I made my way to the kitchen sink, ran cold water over the raw meat in my palms, and then handed a wet towel to Steady. He dabbed her neck. Soothing her skin.

She lay there, sobbing. Shaking uncontrollably. What I saw was not the women who lit the silver screen, walked the red carpet, graced the cover of Vogue, People, or name your tabloid, but a broken human being at the bottom. I slid down the wall, and sat quietly, deciding something I'd long since suspected but never known for sure. Man, or woman, is not made to be worshipped. We are not physically cut out for it. Life in the spotlight, on the pedestal, at the top of the world was a lonely, singular, desolate, soul-killing place." (pg 42).

To say that Katie Quinn was on top of the world, would be an understatement. She could have anything she ever dreamed and nothing was out of her reach. Being the highest paid female in Hollywood, she could command an 8 figure salary on anything she signed her name to and others got paid to make sure that happened. But money doesn't buy you happiness no matter how much you have and that is something Katie has discovered as she realizes this isn't the life she ever dreamed it would be. Most don't, until they live it and after awhile, desperately wish things were different.

Thankfully for her, Steady, her priest, realized that she was going to attempt suicide that afternoon when she went to confession leaving all her worldly possessions and power of attorney of her estate to him. Now he just needed to find a way to reach the person she was outside of Hollywood's leading roles and find a way to heal the pain so deep inside her that the only way to relieve that pain would be to take a gracefully bow off her penthouse in Miami. But God has other plans in store for Katie and it will begin by first choosing one of three doors set before her. Once she chooses, she can never go back. He just hopes she will choose the right one.

I received Unwritten by Charles Martin compliments of Center Street Publishing, a division of Hachette Book Groups for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions expressed in this review are strictly my own, except where otherwise noted. Charles Martin is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. In fact, just seeing his name on any book will guarantee I will read it. There are that great! Think Nicholas Sparks, Dan Walsh, Andy Andrews and you have an idea of the type of novel that will completely captivate you and transport you to a time and place of the characters you will discover there. This is the story of how broken people can find healing again, if, they are willing to search for it. It lies within us all and I think there is a part of us that can relate to Katie or Sunday, the man who offers to walk by her side for the journey. What you will discover in the end, is something so remarkable you have to pick up a copy of Unwritten and read it for yourself. There are second chances and fresh starts waiting just inside! I easily give this one a 5 out of 5 stars! Unforgettable!!!

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