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Monday, January 12, 2015


Ever since reading the Solitary Series from best-selling author Travis Thrasher, I knew I wanted more! Something that you find yourself going back to again and again in memory of a great series. He has done just that with the Books of Marvella Series and I couldn't be more excited. Not sure how I missed knowing these were coming out, but now, I know they will be just as good if not better than  the Solitary Series was.

Marvelous is the first novel in the Books of Marvella series and begins with the life of Brandon Jeffrey, the oldest of three boys in the Jeffrey household. He is on summer break before heading into his senior year, one he is looking forward to completing in more ways than one. For Brandon it's not just about graduating, its about freedom from his abusive father who spends all his free time, drinking instead of looking for work. It is all Brandon can do to find ways to stay out of the reach of his father's drunken outbursts, which he hides from his two younger brothers and his busy hard working mother, a lawyer who can only see the best in him.

Brandon is struggling to find jobs to pay back the loan his parents provided him to buy a car, which was totaled when he loaned it to a friend. His father intends to ensure that Brandon pays all the money off this year and seeks to remind him of it whenever he gets the chance. Through a seemingly random coincidence, Brandon runs into Marvella Garcia, who goes by the name Marvel at Fantastic Street, a record store where he offers her a job even though it's not his decision. He decides she is so worth knowing he will find a way to get his boss Harry to hire her just to keep her around.

In between dealing with his father, the town of Appleton learns that a young boy Artie Duncan has been brutally murdered. While the police struggle to find suspects, they ask that all teens stay inside after dark and stay in groups. Brandon is your typical high school boy with an unbeatable crush on Marvel who insists that she only wants a friendship with Brandon. He only hopes in time he can convince her to possibly go on a date, while trying to keep the local football bullies from beating up a timid nerd named Seth. Brandon wonders if these same bullies could be the ones responsible for the death of Artie seeing as they love intimidate anyone they can.

I received Marvelous by Travis Thrasher compliments of NavPress, a division of Tyndale House Publishers for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions contained here are my own. This is such a realistic novel as told from the eyes of Brandon Jeffrey. He has his own issues to deal with coming to terms with how to handle his father, and being able to be truthful when he needs to. Trust is a big issue here, and it takes confiding in Marvel to help him come to terms with his own deep dark secrets. But the town of Appleton is hiding its own secrets while the murder investigation continues. I love the emotions that come through in each character that comes to life in this series, from the bullying of Seth and how he struggles to handle it each time he runs into the football team, to Marvel sharing her insight into what has happened in her past that has lead her on a path for God. I can't wait for the next novel Wonder which is the second book in this amazing series. Solitary Tales fans? You will definitely want this one!! I rate this a 5 out of 5 stars!!!

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