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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sons of God

There is a small section in the book of Genesis, chapter 6, that very few people understand as they read it. For some, it's simply words in the Bible that they fail to understand the meaning behind the words "sons of God." For an avid Bible student, it refers to the fallen remnant of angels that fell to Earth during Lucifer's rebellion in Heaven. In order to further pollute the world with unparalleled sin, the fallen angels or demons took on human form and married daughters of women. The offspring of these relationships resulted in a creation called Nephilim, half man, half demon. But those were all but destroyed when God called forth the great flood and saved only 8 people, Noah and his family. But it is possible that something of this magnitude could still happen even today?

In Mike Dellosso's book Sons of God, he takes what he refers to as a theological thriller, which unleashes a few themes that run the length of his fictional novel about that very thing happening in a small town of Forest Ridge Pennsylvania, and impacting the Grace Bible Church and it's pastor Scott Davies in ways they could have never seen coming. Fans of spiritual warfare and supernatural fiction will absolutely LOVE the direction Mike took this storyline. Scott is dealing with his own personal demons as he struggles to deal with the loss of his wife Jess, three years ago. He doesn't realize how hard it will be to explain the presence of evil he both sees and feels when a trio of young men suddenly take an interest in three of the young women attending his church.

With visions of romance and love in their eyes, all three unexpectedly announce to Pastor Scott their intention on marriage to these three young men. While Scott can't explain his distrust of what is happening, he tries to encourage them to attend premartial counseling to ensure a successful marriage, but that is not what is on the minds of Jason, Josh and Brian and they manage to weave quite a web of destruction both for Scott and the people of Forest Ridge. Only time will tell if Scott will have enough faith in God to go to war with an ancient enemy!

I was not provided with any monetary compensation for a favorable review for Sons of God and the opinions expressed here are my own. I've read quite a few of Mike's novels and some how missed this one. Being a huge lover of spiritual warfare and supernatural suspense fiction, this one fell right into my book lovers heart. There is such a great element of taking the creation of the Nephilim and bringing it into the possibility of recreation in modern times. We can only hope this will remain a fictional storyline and one that history hopefully will not repeat, but you never know what the future brings as we race closer to the end times. I easily give this one a 5 out of 5 stars in my opinion.

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  1. Love Mike's books. Thanks for letting us know about his newest offering.

  2. That sounds quite exciting! Thanks for the review.

  3. This is one of my all time favorite Mike Dellosso books if not my favorite!!!


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