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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Two Hearts

When two people say I do, it's meant to last forever. That is precisely what Jaxon Tagget has had on his mind when he proposed to Annie, his high school sweetheart. Knowing the true intentions of his heart, he bypassed the expensive ring and opted for something made from his heart and from the heart of the land his lived on in Montana. Finding gold in a mine on his father's ranch, he decided the show Annie just how much he loved her and designed a ring specifically unique, one of a kind and one that would always let her know that he places her needs above his own. It was a token of more than their affection for one another.

Annie's mother, a product of divorce and her own failed marriage resolves to convince Annie, that Jax isn't worth it and only has his mind on one thing, the same thing as all men. She knows how wealthy the Tagget family is and the size of their cattle ranch, so when Annie shows her mother the ring Jax presented, she feels she is completely justified by her opinion of Jax's worth. If a man can afford anything, why did he settle for something homemade instead of buying her what she was worth. But like all well-meaning mothers, she believes if she bides her time, Annie will eventually gain enough money from the family. To her mother's displeasure, she accepts Jax's proposal and they marry despite all her objections.

Now Jax is well on his way to putting his mining degree to work as he is hired on by a Bolivian company that will require them to step away from their plans in Montana and move to South America, where Jax assures Annie, he plans to make good on attempts to start their newly married life and support her as any well-meaning husband should. But as we all know, real life isn't like fairy tales and soon trouble finds Jax much like the modern tale retelling of Joseph from the Bible who has to make some hard decisions about his newest employer and it might just be one that costs him everything in the end.

I received Two Hearts by James Eric Richey compliments of Jer Books and iRead Book Tours for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review outside of a complimentary copy of the book. The opinions contained here are strictly my own. This novel truly is an exceptional one in which you literally have a little bit of every genre thrown in, from romance, suspense, murder, and yes, a little bit of  fairy tale for good measure, but it works because the love between Jax and Annie isn't all tied up in a pretty bow. It is tested by fire, as they go through seeming difficult situations that test their relationship at every crossroads. I absolutely LOVED this one! The writing was engaging for the reader from the very beginning in a novel this size, so you simply don't want to put it down until you see how it will all turn out. Not all authors can master that level of intensity but I think James Richey did it well and with flair and style. I would definitely want to read more of his novels and thus a 4.5 out of 5 stars in my opinion.

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  1. Thank you so much for your honest review of Two Hearts. I really appreciate the depth of your analysis. I can tell that you really put some thought into it, and I truly value your opinion. Thank you for hosting me on your blog.


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