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Monday, March 21, 2016

Playing the Part

"She was not searching for a knight in shining armor, she was searching for a partner, someone she could share her experiences with - not someone who'd want to take over her life and make everything easy for her. Miss Lucetta Plum was certainly not a lady who would enjoy easy, at least not all of the time. She was too complicated, too accomplished, and too intelligent to live a life of mundane pleasantness. She was also a lady who deserved an equal partner, not a gentlemen who wanted to set her up on a shelf, away from the messiness of living, something he'd been determined to do." (pg 146-147).

Lucetta Plum has been known for playing all the right parts in life and for her male admirers, they have become enamored with the roles she plays until they spend some time and truly getting to know her. This is precisely why she has hired Mr. Skukman as her body guard, to keep away anyone who has any ideas of becoming married to Miss Plum. When her step father Nigel shows up hoping his latest sob story might provoke some sympathy on her end to sign over the deed to the property where her mother and Nigel currently live, she is about to disappoint him once again. Knowing his chronic addictions for cards and drink, she has turned the deed over to someone for safe keeping instead. Much to her horror, she learns that Nigel has agreed to turn Miss Plum over to Silas Ruff instead as he has become a vigilant stalker of her recent fame as an actress.

For Lucetta, the situation has turned dire as she knows Silas will stop at nothing to reclaim what he believes is rightly his, even if that means it is Lucetta, herself. So she flees to the safety of Ravenwood, a place own by Abigail Hart's grandson Bram Haverstein. Abigail has been kind enough to allow Lucetta to stay with her but realizes the situation she is in by staying with her. Most men can follow the trail to where Lucetta currently lives and it will be no time before Silas Ruff does the same. So they set up a serious of decoy's to lead Silas on the wrong trail having quite a few well known men in her life, dress up like her to lead him on a wild goose chase. She just doesn't expect to wind up running for her life from a series of unfortunate events at Ravenwood, under the watchful or not so watchful eye of Bram Haverstein. Rumors of the estate being haunted abound and soon Lucetta will have her own run in with something that goes walking in the night.

I received Playing the Part by Jen Turano compliments of Bethany House Publishers and Litfuse Publicity for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation, aside from a free copy of this novel in exchange for my honest and personal review. This is such a great novel from the perspective of looking for something with a flair for humor amid a bit of mystery and of course romance in the end. I was laughing at some of the downright funny things that Miss Plum was able to pull off using her reputable acting talents and poor Mr. Haverstein who is in love with Miss Plum and even more so when he get to know the real her behind all the parts she plays. This one is a hands down 5 out of 5 stars in my opinion and now I can't wait to go back and discover the previous novels of Jen's involving her best friends who we meet up with in this one. This is the 3rd novel in the Class of Their Own Series!!!

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