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Friday, February 17, 2017

Life After Heaven


It's something all of us want to believe exists and even hope that we will enter into if we die after this life on earth. There have been numerous books written from those who have died and come back, all conveying similar experiences. So what would make any other book different? I would challenge you to read, Life After Heaven by Steven R. Musick and see how you feel after you read it.

Like all the other books, Steven R. Musick did die and went to heaven. First entering through the tunnel of light and entering into what he believes is heaven. He walked with a man who he believes was Jesus and discussed all the things that had happened in his life up to the point of his death and how God worked in situations he may not have recognized. He conveyed to Steven that it's not really about what good we do for others but how God can use any and all circumstances in our life to further His plan in our lives and those whom our lives come into contact with, like ripples in the pond. Sadly Jesus told him that he wasn't there to stay and within minutes was back in his old body away from heaven and Jesus. He explains it simply as "the experience to taking a kid to Disneyland, letting him ride just one ride, and then tossing him back in the car without explanation, a profound sense of loss." In fact Steven would go on to keep his life after death experience a secret for almost a decade, but during those years, he attempted to discover why Jesus told him he wouldn't stay.

When he returned to his body, he discovered that the years in front of him would be the ultimate test f his faith as he suffered from a decrease in lung capacity by 60% and every breath of air would be a truly gift from God. All his future plans were simply re-written and now he would have to find a new beginning with his wife and soon to be family of sons, ones he simply couldn't play with due to his own physical limitations. He wondered why his prayers would go unheeded by God for healing. "Many people - and I was one of them - equate God's work of healing us or giving to us with the prosperity gospel. That's a false notion that God exists to benefit us and give us what we want. That couldn't be further from the truth. But an opposite mistake of equal danger is to think that God is dome kind of sour pragmatist who only gives something to you with divine strings attached. God does not exist for our appeasement. Nor does he find some excuse outside of pure love to give something good to us.  He is a father. He loves to give things to his kids. Things we need. Things that make us joyful. Things that are good."(pg 113).

I received Life After Heaven by Steven R. Musick compliments of WaterBrook Multnomah Publishers. This goes beyond all the other books I have read on life after death on those believers and even non-believers that have seen what they believe is Heaven. This takes things a bit further. What does someone who has seen Heaven do when they come back? Are they changed for the better by having seen eternity? I believe that Steven has taken on God's challenge as he explains, "The economics of the kingdom of heaven are upside down: giving is better than getting, death can be life, life as the world sees it can be death, loss can be gain, gain can be loss. God's kingdom often flips the way we do little things upside down. In our culture we insulate ourselves in all kinds of ways. We cocoon. When the situation calls for it, God's volunteers needs to be able to strip away the cultural things to keep people apart." (pg 135).

I found myself challenged to really take my own personal relationship with God to a much deeper level than simply going through the bland Christian lifestyle, going to church, reading the Bible and praying when I remembered. This made me want to really understand what it means to connect with God more intimately and understand why I am here at all. "In terms of life on earth, I still have a retirement account," as Steve would say. "My purpose is to make my death worth living for. I mourn for what we're missing here on earth. I mourn for the things God offers here that we somehow choose not to appropriate. I mourn for the fullness we ignore, the love we don't recognize, the power and joy just waiting to be picked up by us. I would like to help everyone I can to receive a full measure of what's offered."( pg 141). I encourage you to pick this book up today and see for yourself what God's calling you to do with your life. You just might be surprised at what you find tucked inside and the reason I give this a 5 out of 5 stars.

For more information about Life After Heaven, Steven R. Musick, or where you can preorder a copy of this book today due out on March 7, 2017, please click on the links below:

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