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Monday, August 16, 2010

What We Have - Giveaway and Review

How do you begin to deal with the knowledge that the women on your side of the family have a history of getting cancer and then dying at a very early age?

That's just what the book, What We Have, One Family's Inspiring Story About Love, Loss and Survival by Amy Boesky does in a memoir that reads like a novel.

I've known people in my life but none of them family members who have had to deal with cancer, or the loss of someone due to cancer. Some are winners in their battles but unfortunately most aren't and the ending of their chapter in life isn't the best part of the book.

In this true story of Amy Boesky's family, we learn what its like to live in the shadow of fear wondering if every rash, mole or lump could be the dread cancer the women in her family have come to fear. Most of them dying before the age of 45.

She has lived her whole life knowing with certainty that the old black and white photos that are on her mothers wall are just reminders of that fact. She plans and dreads her 35th birthday when she knows with 100% confidence that she will have a complete hysterectomy to save herself from possible ovarian cancer that you truly see how far this fear has motivated all her decisions in life.

When fate strikes back in the form of a breast cancer instead of what they were suspecting, it completely turns the plans of betting back cancer on end. How far will she go to prevent cancer from taking her life like all the women before her.

I received this wonderful heartwarming memoir from TLC Book Tours for my honest review and understand how devastating cancer can take a human life. I would recommend this book for anyone who has lived that life of fear or knows someone who is as a reminder of just how fear can take your life away. I would rate this book a perfect 5 out of 5 stars. The only thing missing in this book is what faith in God could have done to salvage her family and given them a sense of peace and calm in a turmoil.

For more information on this book, the author and where to purchase a copy, please click on the link below:

For one lucky follower of my blog, TLC has graciously offered a giveaway copy of this book. Here are the guidelines:

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5. Leave me a comment and tell me what winning a copy of this book would mean to you or someone you know.


  1. My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, and she is now undergoing some genetic testing as well. Our family history of cancer is quite alarming and I would love to read this book and pass it on to my sister as well. Thanks for a great giveaway.

    alongtheway at telus dot net

  2. It sounds very powerful and moving. 5 stars, wow! Thanks for being on the tour. We really appreciate it.

  3. would love to read this inspirational book...thanks for the chance :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  4. I am very interested in this book, there is breast cancer in my family and I have MGUS which can preceed Multiple Myeloma (bone marrow cancer)


  5. I lost my father's side of the family to cancer. Everyone. All gone. Even my father. It's scary wondering when it's your turn. So I can relate.

    I am a follower of Reviews from the Heart via GFC.

    I reside in the US.


  6. It sounds like a powerful story, I was named after my greatgrandmother who died very young from breast cancer. I would love to read this story.

    strandedhero @

  7. I lost my mom to cancer. I lost my dad to cancer. My sister and I worry constantly. I think I would profit from reading this book.

    I follow by GFC.


  8. I have breast cancer on both sides of my family (mother & father's mother) so my Doctors are very cautious with my exams. Would love to read this to get another perspective on the topic.
    Please enter me, Thank you.
    Email subscriber

  9. This book sounds wonderful and I would love to win it.

    cenya2 at hotmail dot com

  10. I follow by google reader and email.

    cenya2 at hotmail dot com

  11. I follow by email and google reader. I would love to read the book, it sounds like something that would be good for me to read right now. I've had many surgery's and have much that curtails me from living a normal life. Some times my hubby has to kick me in the butt and remind me I can obsess about it or get with the program. I think I need this book!

    dancealert at aol dot com

  12. Wow, sounds very good. Cancer runs all in my family.

  13. I just signed up as a follower...this sounds like a book that hits close to home for me. My mother died when she was 36 of colon cancer and my sister passed away just last year at 32 from complications with her colon. I feel so lucky to have just celebrated my 42nd birthday!

  14. I've had friends and neighbors with cancer. And others going through chemo and radiation. Please enter me.
    desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

  15. I lost my dad to lung cancer 10 years ago. He suffered so much towards the end. My mom is a colon cancer survivor. This sounds like a very touching book that I would love to read. Thanks for the chance. I'm a follower.

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  16. Kat,
    This sounds like such a wonderful book, and having cancer run in my family (my mom has had two rounds of cancer and chemo, my grandmother - passed away from cancer, my aunt has just completed radiation) I feel this book would be a great read for someone whose life has been so personally touched by this awful disease.

    Love you girl ~~ Dawn

  17. I am a breast cancer survivor too...would be great to sister is a survivor as well.

    THANKS for the giveaway.

    silversolara AT gmail DOT com


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