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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


All they need is three things if they were born in Claysville, just food, drink and words. If she could get to them before they would awake she could make sure they remained where they were. Provide a sense of peace they expected. If they awoke, it was her job to find them. Her job to lead them back and prevent them from wandering. She was the Graveminder.

Rebekkah Barrow was a blood relative of Maylene, but considered her to be the closest thing to a grandmother should would ever know. Spending time with her in Claysville seemed so right. Just crossing over the city limit sign seemed to put her mind and body at ease. Never understanding why until she got a fateful phone call telling her that Maylene was dead and she needed to return as soon as possible. Since it was a town tradition to not embalm their dead, the funeral and burial would need to take place within 3 days, which left Rebekkah little time to get back to Claysville.

Picking her up at the airport was the only man she fell in love with but tried so hard to forget, Byron Montgomery. After being gone for the past ten years she thought she had put enough distance and time between them to avoid having any feelings for Byron. Being the son of the town's Undertaker, Byron felt it was his place to make sure Rebekkah made it to Maylene's house safe and to explain that Maylene didn't just die. She was brutally murdered.

Graveminder by Melissa Marr is a dark gothic fantasy of a role that the town of Claysville entered a long time ago ensuring a complete safe place to live, providing that the town kept the Graveminder and Undertaker doing their jobs. While growing up, Rebekkah watched as Maylene performed the same unusual ritual at every funeral: three sips from a small silver flask followed by the words, "Sleep well, and stay where I put you." Now it seems in Claysville, the worlds of the living and the dead are dangerously connected - and beneath the town lies a shadowy, lawless land ruled b the enigmatic Charles, aka Mr. D. From this dark place the deceased will return if their graves are not properly minded. And only the Graveminder, a Barrow woman, and the current Undertaker, Byron, can set things right once the dead begin to walk.

I received Graveminder by Melissa Marr compliments of William Morrow, a division of Harper Collins Publishers for my honest review. Growing up a fan of shows like Night Gallery and the Twilight Zone, this book found the perfect place for those that like a little suspense thriller in their novels. I have to say that this is a wonderful storyline and one that you think you might have figured out, until the very end when you are completely caught off guard. Melissa Marr is a talented writer who has crafted such a well written story that provides you with just enough to keep you turning pages until the very end. I have to rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars.

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