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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Two Destinies

Sometimes as Christians we feel our faith is a difficult path to follow at times. When we are confronted with people who don't agree with our beliefs or find ourselves the brunt of jokes from people, we feel we are facing persecution. But I honestly believe the hardest stand to take is one where you life is at risk and taking a risk to become a believer of Jesus instead of what your culture and family would want for you is the biggest cross to bear. When the sentence is death for your beliefs much like the early church days were for the apostles that followed Jesus Christ.

In the latest novel, Two Destinies by Elizabeth Musser, faith is about to be tested in ways we probably would never imagine. Rislene Namani was raised a Muslim with a strong family belief in Islam, living in Algeria. But lately she sees that her family is beginning to change in ways that seem a bit extreme based on her beliefs and she sees them becoming more rigid in their ways. She learns about Jesus Christ through a chance meeting and when she does, she realizes that He is the answer she has been searching for. But if she were to tell her family, her father and younger sister would punish her severely. Much worse, the punishment for possessing a Bible is death and one she tries hard to make sure is hidden well. However when a nosy sister, begins believing that Rislene is up to no good, she uncovers the Bible hidden between her mattress and informs her father. As Rislene tries to explain, her father harshly slaps her and forbids her to continue in this manner. Rislene has no choice but to run away. Not only that, she has fallen in love with an Christian American man. Will she be able to continue in her new found faith or will she become one of the many martyrs for Jesus Christ?

Eric Hoffmann knows he must keep the love he has in his heart hidden for if anyone found out, not only would harm come to Rislene from her family and country but his life would be at risk. Eric knows all to much what the punishment is for Muslims who convert to Christianity if they are exposed. Even now Eric and other believers living in Algeria, have to make sure that the church meetings were kept hidden. If anyone discovered them, they could face severe persecution, punishment and death. The violence against believers has been increasing at an alarming rate in Algeria and it's one of the most hostile places to be. When Eric learns that Rislene's father has sent her to Algeria to visit her "ailing grandmother", he panics because he believes she is about to be forced into marriage against her will in order to force her to give up her beliefs in Jesus in an effort to control her.

I received Two Destinies by Elizabeth Musser compliments of Christian Fiction Blog Alliance and David C Cook for my honest review and have to say, it's been eye opening as a believer in Christ living in the US. It's hard for us sometimes to realize just how much others are truly persecuted in comparison to what we feel is difficult for us to endure in our faith. I've had the opportunity to meet a Muslim Christian and learn how difficult it truly is for them to give up everything, their culture, their way of life, even their families for the sake of following Jesus, and they gladly do it. There is hope even in sharing this novel with new Muslim Christians who are bound to be encouraged through this fictional series. For that reason I rate this novel a 5 out of 5 stars. This is the third book in the Secrets of the Cross Series and can be read as a stand alone. For those of you that would love to read the first two, begin with Two Crosses and then Two Testaments!

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