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Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Season of Love

Poor Katie Kauffman has found herself in one of the worst predicaments imaginable. After returning back to Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania, back to the bakery she loves, she finds her best friends Lindsay and Lizzie Ann have found great Amish men to begin their courting. Katie on the other hand seems to think that she will grow old and only have the love of baking to keep her warm at nights. After finally being baptized as part of the Amish faith alongside her friends, she suddenly finds herself a bit of the odd person out. While Lindsay and Lizzie talk about wedding plans and of what type of life they envision for their families, Katie can't help but feel left out.

When she finds comfort in Jake Miller, a boy that works for her grandfather's shop as a carpenter apprentice, she finds herself attracted to him in ways she would have never imagined. She knows there isn't any possibility for them to go any further than just friends. Jake is a Mennonite while she comes from a strong and strict Amish family. They can never been anything more than just friends. However when Katie and Jake find themselves in a compromising situation, Katie's father, Robert rages out of control and ground Katie for a month. He forbids her to have anything to do with Jake even as just friends. However with Jake working with Katie's grandfather Eli on a cabinet for the bakery, it seems that there is more than fate pulling them together. Will Katie find a way to forget what can never be between Jake and herself? Or will Jake's long lost first love, Jessica be the only way out for them both?

In the conclusion to the Kauffman Amish Bakery Series, A Season of Love by Amy Clipston takes the reader in the 5th book to see how the remaining characters we've come to love and adore wrap up their lives. Lindsay Bedford returns from Virginia Beach with her GED in hand believing she can be just as smart as her sister, Jessica and finds a way to prove it. Now returning back to Pennsylvania where Katie has been caring for her ailing Aunt Rebecca who has been confined to bed rest due to complications with her pregnancy. Lindsay believes she is finally read to become Amish and in the process will see if love awaits her on the other side. Katie has to deal with her father's issues about dealing with what he believes is proper without waiting for all the facts to come in. It shows how damaging rumors and perception can be to an Amish family and must in fact cost her to be shunned. This is truly an unforgettable novel to wrap up life with the Kauffman family. You can read this one as a stand alone but trust me, you will want to go back and read them all. This is truly an exceptional ending to this series.

I received A Season of Love by Amy Clipston compliments of Barbour Publishing and Net Galley for my honest review and I have to say, I gladly give this one a 5 out of 5 stars. For more information about A Season of Love, Amy Clipston, or where to pick up a copy of this book today, please click on the links below:

You can also find Amy Clipston on Facebook to stay up to date with all her latest books.

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