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Monday, August 5, 2013

Millie's Treasure

"Clipped to the second page was an envelope with his name written in Henry's scrawling handwriting. Inside Kyle found a letter, a match and a key. 

December 24, 1888

While I cannot be absolved from keeping you away from family on Christmas Eve, I can at least make up for the fact by providing a brief respite before work on this case begins in earnest on January 2. Arrangements have been made for rooms at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis form tomorrow night through the aforementioned second day of the New Year. Should you find that your work on the missing gold case requires it, of course the agency will pay for as many nights past that as you deem necessary.

Our friend Taft suggested that the rooftop of the as-yet-unopened Cottn Exchange building on Second Street might prove the venue for your test flight. To that end, he has secured access for you and assures me the three of us are the only ones who have knowledge of this. Thus, I hasten to warn that you must not be caught lest you alone will be forced to explain. And, per Mr. Taft, please remember to leave the key in the Weather Service office on the third floor before the service employee arrives at work after the holiday and realizes it is missing.

Consider this a small measure of thanks for your dedication to the agency. And no, I have not cleared this with Mr. Pinkerton, thus the need for the match. I am sure you will make good use of it, as always.

Best regards,


December 24, 1888
Memphis, Tennessee

Cook was right. The best thing about marrying Sir William Trueck and beginning a new life in London was that Millie Cope would leave Memphis and everything she knew and once loved   behind. And this was no small thing.

For she knew she could not stay, not when her life in this house was merely the wisp of a shadow slipping into darkness. As Sir William Trueck's American bride, she could step out of that shadow. She tried to recall that when fear rose to make its attempt at choking out good sense. And Millie Cope was nothing if not sensible.

After the death of her mother and two elder sisters, Julia and Sarah, to a yellow fever epidemic a decade ago, the distance that yawned between her and her father had become unbearable. So when Father brought his new business partner, Sir William Trueck, home for dinner, it was Cook's idea for Millie to smile sweetly in his direction. To allow him to court her when he asked. And, finally, to accept his proposal of marriage, but only if it came with the assurance that she would be allowed to live in England and have complete freedom to do as she pleased.

In the latest novel in The Secret Lives of Will Tucker, Millie's Treasure by best-selling author Kathleen Y'Barbo, takes us back into the life of Pinkerton agent, Kyle Russel who has been tasked at searching for confederate treasure believed to be hidden in New Orleans. What he doesn't plan on discovering is that his heart has been lost to a society scientist, Millie Cope who may just be at the heart of his investigation along with her father. Dabbling in inventions along with his partner Lucas McMinn, who readers got an indepth look at in the first book in the series, Flora's Wish, Kyle is hoping to test his latest invention, a flying machine during the down time in his investigations. What he doesn't expect to find is someone who can match his intelligence, skill and passion for science in Millie. Millie's just hoping for a chance to immerse herself in books and research in cryptology and begin her own search for her family's lost treasure. A treasure that may in fact lead her to more than a way to escape the plan her father has in store for her.

I received Millie's Treasure by Kathleen Y'Barbo compliments of Harvest House Publishers and Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for my honest review. I am completely charmed and enchanted by this series, because the women characters that Kathleen's creates are much like how I would envision my own life if I lived at that time. Struggling between what is expected of women from upper society and the desires of their heart, ones that don't conform to what society or their family believes an proper woman should do. They are strong, smart and at times fail to see their own self worth, believing what their family thinks of them instead, but along comes a true hero that shows them they are a unique and beautiful creation, designed specifically by God and captivates their hearts. I easily give this one a 5 out of 5 stars and can't wait to read Sadie's Secret, which reader's get a sneak peek at in the end of this one. There is also a discussion guide at the end that is perfect for book groups.

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