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Friday, April 24, 2015

BASH and the Chocolate Milk Cows

Spending time on the farm is what most kids would dream would be a time of untold imagination and unlimited fun. Where the sky is the limit and staying outside lasts well past the time the sun goes down. When Raymond William Boxby, known fondly as Beamer arrives to hang out with his third cousin, twice removed, but not far enough in Beamer's mind, Sebastian "Bash" Hinglehob. Their adventures are only beginning when reports of a robber being spotted in town, leaves Bash wanting to capture him and Beamer, trying to stay as far away as possible.

Things begin as most would expect adventurous boys would, building boats large enough for them to fit in to gain access to catching frogs in the small creek on the edge of the farm, to helping set the stage for the largest April Fool's Day joke even on Bash's father. It will be the day that the dairy cows will give chocolate milk for the first time, and as every kid knows there is no better milk to drink than chocolate milk. Beamer isn't sure how Bash is going to pull this off, and he knows based on all his other pranks they have been attempting to pull off, they are likely going to be reaping the consequences of those actions for a long, long time.

In the book, BASH and the Chocolate Milk Cows by Burton W. Cole, young readers will gain an true appreciation to what life was like before technology kept kids from being outside and letting their imaginations run wild. What Bash and Beamer do along with all the other kids from surrounding farms, is redefine what fun really is. From blasting off in a pretend chicken coop to galaxies far, far away, to smashing eggs on the dairy cows noses as they attempt to win the battle of the Moovarians versus the Cluckorians. Even the names the boys give to the frogs that they raise from tadpoles are completely hilarious and remind us all once more of the precious days of childhood.

I received BASH and the Chocolate Milk Cows by Burton W. Cole compliments of B and H Publishing Group and Shelton Interactive for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions contained here are strictly my own. I love the amazing illustrations that accompany the opening of each chapter. Just when you think the boys will finally stay out of trouble, they hatch another creative plot. It truly takes me back to my childhood days of catching frogs and trying to keep them at home, not a successful venture by the way, when they escape, and the unlimited ideas that come when two boys put their heads and imaginations together to fill their days when chores are done. The chocolate milk prank had to be my favorite one they manage to pull off but how they did it, will remain a secret until readers find out for themselves. I rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars and reminds me a lot of the Beverly Cleary series of books I read growing up.

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