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Friday, November 20, 2015

The Five Times I Met Myself

There are some authors who when you see that they have written another book, you don't even consider what it is, you simply pick it up. I've done that with every book I have read of James L. Rubart's since picking up Rooms. It also came as no surprise that Andy Andrews, another favorite author of mine, shared a wonderful review of James' latest novel, The Five Times I Met Myself. Those two things were enough to make sure that this landed up in my MUST READ pile and I was not disappointed although my shelf space between books of Rubart's and Andrew's is steadily growing. But if you like one, you will definitely LOVE the other.

This time, James Rubart takes readers into the world of dreams. Think of the possibility if you could figure out a way to manipulate your dreams so vividly that you could command what you would dream and who would be present. What if you got so good at doing it that in your dreams, you had the opportunity to go back in time and give advice to your former self to perhaps change the outcome of your present day situation. Imagine the rights you could wrong. There would be no such thing as regrets. Yet that is precisely what happens when Brock Matthew's wakes up after another nightmare about his father who has died. There is a message he wants Brock to know but just when he thinks he is going to figure it out, he wakes up.

His friend Morgan provides him with a book, Lucid Dreaming: Turning Dreams into Reality that helps him not only understand dreams but how to manipulate them in such a way he hopes to figure out what he father was trying to say and hopefully get them to stop. He has to do something because it is more than just his dream life that is unraveling. His marriage to his wife Karissa is not all that he remembers it used to be. But then again with all the issues he has had dealing with the Black Fedora coffee business he and his brother management, he hopes he can sort them out one at a time and get back on track eventually. He is up against a time line he can't manage and time is running out faster than he can figure out what to do until he encounters his younger self before he dated his wife. What advice might you consider giving him? You just might be surprised!

I received The Five Times I Met Myself by James L. Rubart compliments Thomas Nelson Publishers and Litfuse Publicity for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation, aside from a free copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. This one does have a bit of a twist to it like you might find in It's A Wonderful Life or Family Man. It does make you truly consider the consequences of the decisions we make and if you could do it all over again, would you really change anything? What would the impact be along that new timeline? I absolutely LOVED this book and at the end it really gives the reader something to think about and take away. For me this one rates a solid 5 out of 5 stars. A reader's discussion guide is included at the conclusion of this book which would work out great for a book club. I highly recommend this one!

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