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Friday, March 11, 2016

Ten Lies, Ten Truths

Can you say that you would know a lie from the truth any day? What if you were faced with ten stories, which considering the way society in the world today is leaning, could you separate them from the truth or would you say these stories are based on the truth? What do you think about Evolution and Darwin's theory? What about abortion? Is America a nation founded on Christian principles? Are God and Allah the same? Is there a standard for absolute truth or is it subjective? Has character become a thing of the past in light of producing results in business? Does marriage need to be redefined past traditional marriage to include polygamists and others? Should the government have a hand in how our children are raised considering most parents have opted out of their responsibilities? Are pornography and promiscuity victimless crimes? Finally, we can always work on relationships since time is irrelevant right?

Parker Hudson, creates some rather vivid and downright frightening stories that articulate each of this situations in which lies are accepted and society is spoon-fed something else in light of considering the rights of the minority over the majority as has been happening for quite some time. In light of the recent Supreme Court decisions, from redefining traditional marriage to include gay marriages and the fallout of these situations on those that hang onto God's moral and absolute truths. While these stories might seem a bit far fetched right now, I firmly believe, these will play out in the real sense from the fictional stories that Parker includes in his book Ten Lies, Ten Truths, which is illuminating the very core of our country in light of what others would have us believe.

My favorite has to be, The Vote, which I would love to see expanded to a full length novel in which each of these issues are parlayed in more detail. I think this book and all its stories will one day come to fruition and that is truly a chilling and suspenseful dose of reality I don't want to be around to see. In the story of the Vote, once a year, American citizens vote by technology the things they want to see changed and anything can make its way to the ballot including lowering the drinking age to 16 from 21 as long as the majority believes it to be in the best interest. What is worse is the value of the life of a baby is decided on points and as long as the baby scores enough points it is allowed to live, if it doesn't, it is terminated. Think it couldn't happen here in America? I believe it very well could be our future at the rate we are going.

I received Ten Lies, Ten Truths by Parker Hudson compliments of Edge Press for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation aside from a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest and personal opinions. I applaud Parker's insight into each of these issues and even the questions that come up in regards to Evolution, I had never heard about or even considered. I look forward to researching all of these topics through his website which is included in a reference section following each of this subjects. This makes it a great resource, because the reader can research them on their own for further follow up. I just hope America wises up before this book becomes a non fiction one over a fictional title. Well worth 5 out of 5 stars in my opinion.

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