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Friday, June 3, 2016

Through the Shadows

"We all suffer our own chains. The Lord holds out the gift of new life, but many turn Him away, not trusting the offer." (pg 201).

In the latest and third novel in the Golden Gate Chronicles Series, Karen Barnett takes readers back into historical San Francisco just after the 1906 earthquake and fire that subsequently leveled most of the city, in Through the Shadows. Elizabeth King is the last and youngest daughter to leave home in order that she might get out from under her mother's controlling interest in her life. She is struggling to come to terms with all the property investments her father had made prior to his death, that has left them financially strapped. Now that the earthquake and fire leveled those investment holdings she can't understand why some insurance companies are offering to pay their claims on some, but interestingly enough not on any of her father's property. Without it, they will face financial ruin.

She involves herself in helping Donaldina Cameron with managing the Missions House, that takes in abandoned Chinese children that have found their way into prostitution and have no way out. She is hired to be their sewing teacher to enable them to learn a life skill that will offer them a future once they leave the home. She isn't sure she is ready to face her own shadowed past that caused her to leave behind her chance as a concert pianist. All she knows is that she must find a way to atone for her sins of the past in an effort to please God and sooth her own guilty conscience. No one must ever know.

Up and coming attorney Charles McKinley has a bright future ahead of him, working under his Uncle Silas' law firm. Unfortunately it will be starting at the bottom even though his name guarantees him a leg up in the firm. His first task is to bring the paperwork to the King family to ensure them that Silas has done everything but the insurance companies won't settle on the property claims Mr. King had purchased. He hopes to put an end to all their endless phone calls into the law firm for a meeting, something he has avoided doing. Now Charles hopes he can live up to the McKinley name. He just doesn't expect to fall for Elizabeth when she answers the door and the news he has to give her isn't something he is looking forward to doing. He only wishes he had better news for the King family.

I received Through the Shadows by Karen Barnett compliments of Abingdon Press and Litfuse Publicity for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation, aside from a free copy of the novel in exchange for my honest and personal evaluation. I have been waiting for this novel since starting the Golden Gate Chronicle series! I was not disappointed. The story surrounding Donaldina Cameron is based on fact and her mission to help the struggling Chinese orphans is admirable. Again it is something missing from our history books and one I delighted in learning more about through this novel. I love Elizabeth King who is afraid of dealing with her past, tries to work out salvation on her own through her good works, but she will discover, that is not what God intended when He offers true forgiveness. I'd rate this one a 4.5 out of 5 stars and Discussion Questions are included that are perfect for book clubs.

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