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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Life is Better at the Beach

Some of life's best memories are made at the beach: the boat rides and the waterskiing, the smell of saltwater in your hair, those early-morning walks when the beach is quiet. So many memories remain vivid, even after the last laundry load is washed and summer settles into fall. Living and experiencing every moment created lasting memories of the beach. You heard, saw, smelled, tasted, and touched different things every day, and they all combined to form some of your life's best memories.

You may not be able to live at the beach 365 days a year. Your home may be in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania or the cornfields of Wisconsin. You might live in a city amidst skyscrapers and office buildings or in the suburbs of west Michigan. Wherever your home lies, even if it's not by the beach, you can still make and incorporate this ideas and memories into each and even day. That is where "Life is Better At The Beach" by Christina Vinson comes into play. This adorable and whimsical hardcover book is inspiration for living each day like you're at the beach. One of my favorite places to be of all time.

There are 15 Beach Rules and not only are they followed by wonderful beach seascapes but also with a quote or Scripture verse that applicably applies to the beach rule. Such as beach rule # 4, Look for Seashells. "If you have ever looked for seashells by the ocean, you know that the best shells aren't always visible - they're often in the water. And in order to walk home with your hands full of unique sea souvenirs, you need to get wet. Sometimes that may feel like a risk.

Getting wet doesn't always seem appealing. Perhaps it's a rainy day, or maybe you aren't dressed appropriately for the water, or maybe the water is a tad chilly. But to find something good, you need to venture in. Sure, there's a big possibility there won't be any shells when you wade in. But then again, there just might be.

This rings true over and over in life, doesn't it? The biggest opportunities may look a little daunting, whether it's introducing yourself to a new friend, applying for a new job, taking that evening class, or trying to patch up a broken relationship.

Maybe you don't feel qualified, the risk seems too big, or perhaps you're just plain shaking-in-you-flip-flops afraid. It's okay to feel those feelings. But what if giving into your fears means you miss what is perhaps the most beautiful shell you've ever seen? You won't find it scanning the edges of the water or walking on dry land. Getting wet will often feel daunting, but you may emerge with a treasure in the end." (pg 43).

I received Life Is Better At The Beach by Christina Vinson compliments of Thomas Nelson Publishers for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation, aside from a copy of the novel in exchange for my unbiased and personal evaluation. Being born and raised at the beach, my heart is always at peace whenever I hear the ocean call or smell the salty air. Peace inevitably follows. This is such a wonderful way to incorporate all those beach memories into life applications that can make your day a whole lot less stressed and enable you to remember what is important and to keep on creating those memories wherever you are. For me, this book rated a 5 out of 5 stars and I love all the ocean and beach analogies that apply to every single thing in my day.

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