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Friday, August 5, 2016

The Eden Tree

I love reading debut novels because it truly gives me a chance to meet new authors who are living their dream of putting their love of writing out there for the world to read. Peter Worthington is one such author as he debuts The Eden Tree. Combining a sense of adventure and archaeology of religious artifacts, the search begins. As two brothers locate a ancient box buried beneath a home in the basement in Joppa, they find it holds something amazing and miraculous. Truly the find of the century if it is in fact genuine. A wooden box bearing a design on the lid of a tree surrounded by golden angels. Within the box contains the last will and testament of Simon Peter, follower of Jesus Christ, some maps and a white bag containing some crushed leaves.

After taking it to their uncle, an expert in museum antiquities, he advises them on what it contains and who must be the one to possess it. The only person who can take possession of the box is the man with a tattoo on his hands that bear the same picture the lid has on it. He is the only one and they must hold onto it until he contacts them. It might be in this lifetime or after theirs but it must be kept for the one who can wield the power of what the chest holds.

John Wesley is that such man living in England but unaware that the life sentence given to his grandson Wesley John Morgan who is facing terminal cancer at age 7. They have exhausted all options and now there is only time to make him comfortable until God calls him home. But when John stumbles upon a man in a flower stall, who convinces him that he is destined to receive something of value that only he can possess, John is more than curious. Since he possesses the same said tattoo on his hand, the contents of the ancient box is now been released to him. It contains the crushed leaves from the Tree of Eden, which will provide miraculous healing to those who receive them. Along with detailed maps and the last will of Simon Peter, describing the location of the Tree of Eden in the Garden mentioned in the Bible that no one has been able to find. When John uses the leaves on his grandson, he is miraculously healed without any medical explanation and sets off a warning to those who have been looking for this box for their own means and purposes.

I received The Eden Tree by Peter Worthington compliments of Authoright and Clink Street Publishers for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation aside from a free copy of this novel in exchange for my fair and unbiased opinion. I think the premise is wonderful, but we know based on biblical text, the Garden of Eden can never be found. But it is fun to imagine what might happen if it could. This is a fictional account based on the author's own experiences with his son, John Wesley, who underwent treatment for cancer but sadly passed away shortly after his seventh birthday. The Eden Tree has allowed Peter to give his much-loved son, a happier ending. A sequel is coming which readers get a small sneak peek at in the conclusion of this one. For me, this one rated a 4 out of 5 stars in my opinion.

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