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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Jett (Descended Book 1)

"The light was no match for him. He could become one with any shadow or light, keeping his presence secret for as long as he wished, causing a man to believe his mind was playing trick. Or he could be the last thing that man saw before he met his Maker. There were prices to be paid for his rare gifts - consequences - but none dissuaded him from his mission." (Prologue).

I must warn you that not all Christian fiction is the same. There are some that might argue that some of those fiction novels might not exactly be all that you hoped for and then again, there are those who persevere to find that at the end of the novel that found something worth waiting for. Jett by Dana Pratola is the first novel in the Descended series and I have to take caution not to give too much away in this review. I can say that those who love Christian speculative or supernatural spiritual warfare might just want to pick up this series. I know after getting through the first one, I am definitely hungry for more. I would say that there moments in the novel that might be uncomfortable for some due to the nature of the content dealing with what Dana refers to as "real people with real struggles, temptations and desires. Her characters often have difficult choices to make – and don’t always make the right ones. This isn’t your mother’s Christian fiction."

In Jett, we met Jett Cestone, a reclusive and highly wealthy and successful businessman who deals with cyber technology as is quite prosperous at it. Yet it provides a cover for him to do his real work, which in this case is removing children from the hands of human sex traffickers with his supernatural abilities he believes he has been cursed with on one hand, but allows him to be successful at his rescues on the other.

He is quite captivated by a young local artist Haven Silano and contacts her to commission her to paint a mural for his grandmother whom has acquired one of her previous paintings as a gift to her. The problem lies in that she must complete the work in his grandmother's bedroom suite and that means moving in to complete the Tuscan piece. She is provided with all the monetary provisions to accomplish the task and is more that well compensated financially to do it. The issue isn't that she isn't talented enough to do it, it is that she lacks the self confidence in her own artistic ability thanks to her father's continued insistence that she is wasting her time doing so.  It will be unlike any job she has every committed to and one that will have her desiring to meet with her benefactor face to face, but it is a condition of her employment that he remains unanimous and hidden. They will only communicate through a speaker system in his home that allows them to converse as if they are actually in the same room with one another, or are they really?

I received Jett by Dana Pratola to review at my own leisure and the opinions expressed here are my own. There is some sexual elements in this novel pertaining to the relationship that develops between Jett and Haven, that might be uncomfortable to some readers but as in real life, exist and is genuine as long as you follow the story line through to the end, you might see where the author truly intended this novel to go. As a mom of young teen girls, I would advise having them wait til they are at least 18 or older to read it. Fans of novels along the lines of Twilight might even find something truly inspirational about reading this one to the very end and if you're like me, will be hooked and have to read the rest in the series. I have been reminded by the author that even though they are part of a series, each is a stand alone and I easily give this one a 5 out of 5 stars.

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