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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Ties That Bind

I am sure that kids that have been adopted, often wonder a lot about what life would have been like if they were raised by their birth parents, and perhaps even children from divorces often face that challenge as well. But what if you grew up knowing one way of life, and then learning that this wasn't your life after all? Could you come to terms with the results of thinking the people who raised you and your siblings weren't really yours after all?

In the novel Ties That Bind by Cindy Woodsmall, Ariana Brennerman is coming to terms with the issues of trusting those she loves. Even since dreaming of the day when her and Quill Schlabach might marry, she had her heartbroken when he ran off into the evening with her best friend Frieda and leaving her a letter trying to explain things. Now at twenty-one, she has spent her life trying to do everything she can for everyone in her family. In my world, one might call her a people-pleaser, doing for others while she is left going without. But for her, her future is looking up. She is on the verge of fulfilling a dream of owning her own restaurant with being just $6000 short of her down payment and dating Rudy, a man who have given her his whole heart.

At late night encounter, leaves Ariana running into Quill once again, and all she can see is rage against the one person she trusted more than anything else in the world. The one person she loved, left her behind to marry her best friend. She can't even understand why he has returned except to help his ailing mother in any way he can. The leaders of the Amish community can't know about him being back and Ariana certainly isn't going to tell anyone, except the one person who knows her better than herself, her twin brother Abram. But when Quill informs her that someone in her family is considering leaving the faith and the community, Ariana believes it is her life mission to prevent him from hurting the only family she has ever known. But is there more to Quill than what she believes and can she learn to trust him again even if it means hurting those closest to her?

I received Ties That Bind by Cindy Woodsmall compliments of Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers. In accordance with the new FTC Guidelines for blogging and endorsements, you should assume that every book reviewed here at Reviews From The Heart was provided to the reviewer by the publisher, media group or the author for free and were received, unless specified otherwise.This is the first novel in the Amish of Summer Grove Series and it truly begins with a powerful opening. For me, this is a more mature Cindy Woodsmall in this series. There is a more serious theme in this novel than ones I have had the opportunity to read in the past. I would almost compare this series to one from Wanda Brunstetter with a more straight-forward approach to the situation developing between the Brennerman family and those leaving the Amish faith. I absolutely inhaled this one in an afternoon and am super excited to read the next novel in the series, Fraying the Edge. For me, this one easily garners a 5 out of 5 stars.

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