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Saturday, March 5, 2011


What if Jesus had not come until today?

Who would follow Him?

Who would kill Him?

Conrad Davis, well known TV journalist is about to get a very unexpected view at his life in two different realities.

We have always known that the biggest news story will be the lead story, the one with the most drama, the most impact, the one with a shock and awe to it.

Yet Conrad Davis has been searching all his life for the perfect story that will take his life to new levels. That of a success, more money, more prestige, and more fame. So when all his attempts come back with less than pleasing results and even a degree of being mocked by his fellow co-workers, Conrad sets up a meeting with a man who may be able to prove that dual realities exist right alongside our present one.

However, an unexpected accident is about to change things and put into motion a life alternating one. Conraid is about to see things in two different worlds. While he lays completely on life support in a coma, awaiting the arrival of his daughter Julia who will ultimately decide if her dad needs to remain in the hospital or end his life as executor of his will, he will go back in time to the late 60's.

A time when the world will be changed forever by the birth of a baby in a laundry mat. His name is Eli and he's about to show the world how much love can change things and make a life worth living. A life that one is even willing to die for.

I received the book Eli by Bill Myers, from my husband Steven for my birthday this year. I wanted this book after reading The God Haters and had to see for myself if one book could completely change a person just after one reading. I had to say I wasn't convinced at first as so many books, I've read have changed you emotionally by pulling at your heart strings, but in Eli, I got to see life through the eyes of what our world would have been like if a man like Eli walked among us. How his ultimate sacrifice and teaching through stories along the way would affect me like never before.

People have read the Bible and sometimes don't see the relevance in reading stories that happened so long ago and can't fathom seeing it taking place now, but Bill Myers has masterfully through a divine hand, made this possible. Through a modern re-telling of the story of Jesus, we are drawn like a moth to a flame to seeing things through fresh eyes in our own world today.

All I can say is that each word will hold you to the last page, the final word and the final tear falls from your eyes as if you heard it for the very first time. This one rates well outside of the 5 star rating and deserves a much 10 out 10 eternal stars for making such a huge impact in my own life. I truly never saw the story coming out the way Bill shares and must applaud him for one of the best books I've read besides the Bible.

I can't wait to share this book with others who I know will see it from a new perspective. This comes as a MUST READ, one you won't regret reading and one that will change you forever! This would be a great book to share with this generation of youth that can finally see the relation between this world and one with Eli!

For more information about the book, the author and where you can purchase your own copy of this book, please click on the link below:


  1. This looks really good! 10 stars???? Wow!

  2. What a great review!! This is one of my favorite Bill Myers Books! Thank you !



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