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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What You Wish For

Take the lives of four unique individuals at different stages in their lives and see where life takes them is what you will find in the latest novel from Kerry Reichs. The common thread running through them is often times family, marriage and wanting a child.

Agnis Dyemma Bauskenieks will never be known by that name expect by the parents who decided it would be fun to name her after her grandmother while trying to repair their own fractured relationship with her mom. She instead goes by the name Dimple Bledsoe, who vows never to become fifty years old. One can not be fifty as an actress in Hollywood if she wants to continue to work. So her only other outlet is her agent, Freya Fosse, who she confides in about all her latest break ups while searching for her next job.

Wyatt is forty-eight, a busy teacher who insists on making sure that he will leave this planet a much greener one, taking his bike to work while sorting through his own issues. Losing both of his parents within six months of each other, and is now working through starting his own family with Ilana. He is loving living in Los Angeles where the average temperature never wavers much from 70 and never has a fall.

Maryn finds herself alone during this stage in her life, and gets upset when people take their own lives too casually. Dealing with the aftermath of a divorce to her ex husband Andy, and his current wife Summer who insists on trying to get him to go by Andrew because it's less childish. Maryn is dealing with age and not being young anymore, dealing with wrinkles, a belly and the transformation of her hands into her mothers hands. She knows she can't compete with the younger women and tries to age gracefully, even purchasing a wafer thin bottle of face lotion for $98 and has successfully waged a war against breast cancer. It's dealing with happiness that makes her rage bubble over now and now dealing with infertility that cancer had robbed her of. She and Andy had undergone the procedure prior to her cancer treatment to freeze fertilized eggs, and the only thing holding her up is Andy's consent.

Andy Knox is not sure he wants to sign the consent forms for Maryn to use the fertilized eggs for her to have a baby. Now that he is working on a new marriage with Summer, this kinda complicates things. He can't exactly allow Maryn to have his child now that they are no longer married. They only have seven eggs to use to help Maryn have a child of her own, she has no other choice to become a mom. But with it comes a responsibility that Andy would have a child out there, he'd become a father and he wasn't sure he could do this.

These are the characters the reader will encounter in the novel, What You Wish For by Kerry Reichs, as the chapters alternate with what is happening in the lives of each of them as they move forward. I think this makes for an interesting read but it can be confusing keeping track of who goes with whom and how their own personal stories are being told. In fact, this is almost like getting four books in one! I love how Kerry spent the time crafting each one and where their stories go, you'll have to check this one out for yourself.

I received What You Wish For compliments of William Morrow, a division of Harper Collins Publisher for my honest review. Keeping a note card inside this book enabled me to remember what characters were dealing with what issues until I felt comfortable I no longer needed it to move forward through the book. I would rate this one a 4 out of 5 stars due to some language and subject matter that might bother some readers. Overall I think the novel was well thought out and the author really spent time creating believable characters we can all relate to.

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