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Sunday, June 2, 2013


If you're a fan of movies like Mission Impossible or any of the Bourne films, then you will love the Spycatcher series from Matthew Dunn as he launches his latest novel, Slingshot into the literary world. The best part of any action adventure novel is when the author has either done his research remarkably well or he has working knowledge of what he is writing about, and in this case Matthew Dunn has both. As a former MI6 field officer, Matthew Dunn was trained in all aspects of intelligence collection, deep-cover deployments, small arms, explosives, military unarmed combat, surveillance, and infiltration, and conducted approximately seventy missions - all of them successful. That to me makes for some incredible background to launch his Spycatcher series of novels.

Now onto the third novel, Slingshot picks up once more with the special agent Will Cochrane who is dispatches to locate a rogue Russian Foreign Intelligence Service double agent who has stolen some important document that no one knows the content of. The only thing that the American handlers do know it that it can kill and now it has fallen into the wrong hands and they need Will Cochrane to find him before its too late. This is your true spy versus spy action packed thriller and Matthew Dunn does an exceptional job at keeping his readers guessing and following along this fast paced suspense thriller. The character of Will Cochrane reminded me of Tom Cruise's portrayal of Jack Reacher, a man who likes to remain the lone wolf but who is often called upon to get the job done when it seems like all else has failed and time is of the essence.

This is truly an unforgettable novel that will have you racing quite literally all over Europe while other countries are using their own agents to find this same document. It literally is filled to the brim with action, excitement, explosions, twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat for its climatic ending. The beginning may get to be a load full of information but if you persevere through it you will see where the action begins to blend and merge to create a fast paced, page turner. I received Slingshot by Matthew Dunn compliments of William Morrow, a division of Harper Collins Publishers for my honest review. I received no monetary compensation for a favorable review. For those of you that LOVE action adventure suspense fiction, than this one is a definite for you. Even though this is part of a larger series, much like Mission Impossible or the Bourne Series, you can pick this one up as a stand alone because this is an entirely different mission for Will Cochrane to solve and thus you can immerse yourself in the content from the get go. I rate this one a 4.5 out of 5 stars in my opinion.

For more information about Slingshot, Matthew Dunn or where you can pick up a copy of this novel today, please click on the links below:

Slingshot by Matthew Dunn

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