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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Angel of Wrath

When you want a great suspense thriller that couple a bit of the spiritual warfare, you would immediately think of Frank Peretti, but now there are quite a few authors that have picked up the proverbial baton as it were on the Christian side of things and run with it. Bill Myers is one such incredibly talented author who picks up with the sequel of The Voice with Angel of Wrath. It delivers just what is promises and you don't have to read The Voice to gain an appreciation for this one.

The trio that we met in the first novel, Special Ops Agent Charlie Madison, Lisa Harmon, an ex FBI agent and Jazmin, his thirteen-year-old niece find themselves dragged into an unexplained series of murders involving the pastor of the local church and Lisa's brother, Thomas and his family. As each member of the body of the church family winds up dead with no witnesses other than a cryptic calling card outlining their religious crimes from adulterer, gossip, murderers and more. The body count is adding up faster than the local police can attempt to find clues. The only ties seem to be with an ex military agent known only as Kristof, who has garnered the worship of the high school teens to take part in a Satanic worship to call forth an enemy from the spiritual realm that will do their bidding.

Believing they are ushering in the end time events culminating with the unholy alliance of Jesus Christ and Satan, they have begun their own brand of religious cleansing of the church who has forgotten their first love and instead it about its own glory in building the world's largest megachurch. No longer preaching the gospel message as it might offend newcomers and the younger generation, these members of the church have found that sin is quite profitable until the light is shined upon it, including its own head the church Lisa's brother. They have little time to locate the killer and try to find a way to send back the demon summoned from hell before more wind up dead. It will take a battle of their backgrounds but mostly faith to fight those that want them all dead.

Angel of Wrath is the sequel to The Voice from Bill Myers and I absolutely love how this one played out throughout the book. You weren't sure if it was all demonically driven or if there was another player working in the background and it seems as if it may not be over. This novel is not overly religious, but it does bring faith into the picture against the demons they have summoned to do their bidding and at some point transports some of our characters into the very pit of what could be called hell as we meet with legion. What I love about this novel is that it showcases the danger of dealing with the occult and while we might believe we have power over evil, it is all a facade and what is often summoned is more than what people might believe. It simply opens a doorway into the spiritual realm that allows evil an opportunity to gain a foothold. But the power of good and faith is used to show just how powerful knowing Jesus can be when the battle goes beyond what they thought. Forgiveness, redemption and love are the key themes to this novel. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions presented here are strictly my own honest ones. I would give this novel a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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