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Friday, November 6, 2015

Waiting for Morning

Karen Kingsbury is one of the best authors I have come across and her books are quite literally life changing because they convey a situation no one wants to truly deal with and puts the reader in the drivers seat to take the wheel. In her latest novel, Waiting for Morning, it is every wife and mother's dreaded nightmare no one wants to have to face. Hannah Ryan is waiting for her husband and daughters to arrive home from their weekend camping trip. It is one that the three have taken as a way of bringing summer to a close and embracing another school year ahead for the teens. Only this time it would be different as two police officers arrive to tell her that there has been a car accident and that she needs to come with them.

Brian Wesley has been trying to find a way out of the bottom of the bottle he runs to whenever his life gets out of hand. This is just another of those times. When he gets fired from his job as a mechanic due to trying to stay sober but falling behind in his workload. His boss even tells him that he worked better when he was drunk. Now Brian has to head home and tell his wife Carla that once again he's out of work. It wouldn't be too bad but with the birth of their newborn son, Carla had hoped that Brian might straighten himself out once and for all. She has given him an ultimatum this time, if he starts drinking again, she will leave him for good. He just can't go home without figuring a way out of the mess he has found himself in.

In a series of divine circumstances, their two worlds will intersect and forever alter their lives. He just never dreamed that he was too drunk to get behind the wheel of his truck and head home. He had done it more times than he could remember and he had hoped it would be just like all the others. His truck went through a traffic light and he plowed into the Explorer that was carrying Hannah's family. The initial impact would send their vehicle mid air and land wrapped around a phone pole. Brian of course would walk away from this but those in the vehicle would not be so lucky and for Hannah, her faith will be tested like never before when she learns the outcome of this accident. Will she be able to trust God no matter what happens? She just hopes that this is a really bad mistake and her family is just late coming home with a reasonable explanation.

I received Waiting for Morning by Karen Kingsbury compliments of WaterBrook Multnomah Publishers for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation aside from a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. This is such an emotional and heart rendering but honest novel. I think we all hope one day that we will never have to face the challenges Hannah has to in this novel, but because it pulls on our emotional heartstrings we can't help but be invested in this story to see how it all plays out. I believe this is a must read to anyone who wonders where God is in the midst of any situation where the outcomes is less than what we have prayed for and conveys a sense of hope that readers can relate to. It doesn't all come wrapped up in a pretty bow with a happily ever after ending and that is what makes her books so genuine and in demand. For me this one easily garners a 5 out of 5 stars in my opinion. This is the first book in the Forever Faithful Series!

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