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Friday, February 12, 2016

Ortz PS4 Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan

My daughter is a huge video game fan and has just about every video game system there is. She is always concerned now with the issue of over heating of the large consoles and the length of time she generally spends playing them when she has time. Since overheating is a concern that most of the companies recognize they are always quick to point out how to ensure they don't. From making sure they are placed on hard surfaces, to making sure that nothing is placed on top of the gaming console or that the air intakes remain free from being blocked.

When the opportunity became available to review the Ortz PS4 Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan, and realizing how much money we spent on the console, we knew this was something we had to try. Anything that enables the unit to prevent overheating has got to be something you might want to try. It was simple to use and extremely easy to hook up. The fan does emit some noise but not so much to be distracting from playing the games, more like a slight hum. The availability to stand the unit up vertically now has offered us some additional desk top space we didn't have before and it does not affect the performance of the game. The best part for her was the ability to charge her wireless controllers that comes built in. She loved that it was easy to use, is helping her with preventing any overheating issues, provides more space on her gaming desk and charges her controllers when she is done.

For me, the price point was well worth it to ensure that we won't have any overheating issues and the benefit of having a way to charge her wireless controllers without more wires is a convenience any parent or serious gamer would love, plus it is all in one. With us, this one truly rates a full 5 out of 5 stars in our opinion and would be highly recommended to anyone with a PS4.

I received the Ortz PS4 Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan compliments Ortz and the VIP Power Club for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review aside from the product in exchange for my personal and honest evaluation. For more information about the Ortz PS4 Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan, please click on the links below:

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