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Monday, June 13, 2016

My Father's House

Sometimes when you read a novel, you are taken back by some similarities you may have seen in a movie or read in another novel. My Father's House by Rose Chandler Johnson is much like that in the sense as you read through it, I was taken back to such movies like Sleeping with the Enemy or Enough with Jennifer Lopez. Both deal with domestic abuse and so does this one from a Christian perspective. While the Bible clearly reminds us not to be unequally yoked, Lily Rose Cates has dealt with enough loss in her life, that when a man comes around that looks and acts like the part, she falls for him without really knowing who he is.

She is desperate for someone to come along and take care of her, despite the fact that she has been doing it for herself all along. Even her wise Annie Ruth gets a sense of evil from the man, Manuel Valenti, whom is brought to her home to meet Lily's family. While he appears one way to Lily outside of the eyes of others, he is withdrawn and sullen around others. Claiming he is busy with his job as an attorney in Detroit, he is often too busy to attend to other things like establishing a relationship with Lily and her family. Despite all the warnings Annie Ruth gives Lily, she still decides to get married to Manuel without telling her or inviting her to the wedding.

Now the piper has come to call when that fairy tale like romance Manuel puts on for Lily is suddenly unveiled for the true person he is. He has her move in with him in Detroit and sell off all her belongings because they would just not fit in his modern home. He also advises her to sell her car, since he will provide one when they move to Detroit, something he never does. Now he has complete control over where she is, what she can do, and how far she can go. But when Annie Ruth's dog comes up killed after their recent visit, Lily can't help but wonder, who has she really married and even worse, how can she ever leave?

I received My Father's House by Rose Chandler Johnson compliments of Create Space Independent Publishing and Litfuse Publicity for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation aside from a free copy of this novel in exchange for my unbiased and personal evaluation. Even though the story line is familiar, I was captivated once things started down the dangerous path with Manuel. You would have thought that Lily would have learned a thing or two, but I can understand how desperate some become in search for love. This is truly a story of looking for love in all the wrong places. Even though her conscience tells her to run, she refuses to believe all the signs laid out in front of her from the beginning, especially advice from those she trusts the most until it is too late. I would rate this one a 4.5 out of 5 stars and while it is a Christian based novel, it isn't too over the top that readers might be turned off by the religious undertones. It's a lesson for all of us to be wise as serpents in the choice we make.

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