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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

To The Farthest Shores

I love a great historical novel based around facts because after you read them not only do you feel like you have personally time traveled to said location, but you also have learned something about history along the journey. In Elizabeth Camden's latest novel, To The Farthest Shores, Jenny Bennett is making preparations as a nurse to say goodbye to the love of her life, Lieutenant Ryan Gallagher who is about to be shipped out since President McKinley declared war against Spain and the base has been mobilizing for conflict. Troops from across the nation streamed into the Presidio, preparing to sail for the Spanish colonies in the Far East. He promises to come back and without a ring to seal his intentions to marry her when he returns, he gives her his father's pocket watch which he intends to swap out with a ring.

So now Jenny spends her time caring for the men at the hospital located in the Presidio, those who are amputee's struggle to come to terms with how to make it now that they are home again. The men love her ability to care for them as if they are the only ones there and many marriage offers accompany their heart-felt thanks, but Jenny is waiting on Ryan. However when the war ended and no letter or notice from Ryan, she got worried and checked the lists for wounded, killed or missing service men, but no sign of Ryan. She even took it upon herself to contact anyone she knew in attempts to locate him, but it would take a year and a half for the letter to come. The only letter she would receive from Ryan, notifying her that he had a change of heart and was no longer coming home. He was going to stay in the Navy.

Left with a broken heart, she tried to find ways to stay busy and the last thing she expected to see was Ryan walking in the park with a little girl named Lily who claims that Ryan is her father. When she tries to confront Ryan, all he does is allude all her questions and has hoped she has moved on with her life. Rumors begin to circulate around the base that Ryan skipped out on serving his time in the Navy or that he became a war profitteer and eluded his time to serve his country. Without any explanation, Jenny has to assume that some of those rumors must be true. She is determined to find out the truth if she ever hopes to move on in her own life, if only she still didn't have feelings for Ryan.

I received To The Farthest Shores by Elizabeth Camden compliments of Baker Publising Group and Net Galley. In accordance with the new FTC Guidelines for blogging and endorsements, you should assume that every book reviewed here at Reviews From The Heart was provided to the reviewer by the publisher, media group or the author for free and were received, unless specified otherwise. This is such a wonderful novel about not only the war, but also about the creation of cultured pearls and oyster farming. In the Historical note section, readers learn about the Military Information Division or MID that was established in 1885 as a branch of the U.S. Army and was one of several organizations charged with gathering intelligence about foreign nations. These unit were not integrated until the creation of the Central Intelligence Agency in 1947. Now as well I have an understanding not only of how pearls are created but the differences between cultured and natural pearls. I easily give this novel a 5 out of 5 stars in my opinion. This novel does contain Reader Discussion Guide Questions, which makes this perfect for a book club.

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