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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Way Home - DVD Review

So many times as families we search for great movies with a message. Too often we fail in our attempts because companies simply aren't gearing that kind of movie any longer, yet I have come across some greats lately with my latest, The Way Home that I received compliments of Thomas Nelson to review.

The movie based on a true story is about a man named Randy Simpkins, (played by Dean Cain from The New Adventures of Superman) who is like your typical family man. He spends countless hours trying to make enough so that his wife Cristal can stay at home and take care of raising their three boys. However lately Randy has been working way too much and neglecting his number one priority, his family.

When Cristal makes plans to take the family away on a much needed vacation to the beach, she has to call Randy at work and tell him to come home. He had promised her he wasn't even going to go into work that day and now he is late coming home. Meanwhile, the responsibility has fallen on her shoulders to load up the family van while taking care of her youngest Joe, whose two.

When Randy finally makes it home, Cristal is in the final stages of being packed and ready to leave, but needs to make a final check through the house. She asks Randy to take the last two bags by the front door and load them into the van, and make sure to put Joe in his car seat.

Randy and Joe have a confrontation when Joe refuses to get in the van insisting that he wants to go to his Pa-Pa's house instead on his tricycle. While Joe tells him to stay by the van while he grabs the last of the bags and head inside, Joe promises to stay close. However when Randy gets the last minute impulse to check his work email before leaving, he is caught by his wife. They both grab their stuff and head outside, where Joe is now missing. Thinking he is doing nothing more than playing hide and seek, the parents spread out and begin the search. However after 30 minutes, it seems like something more has happened and the real search for Joe begins.

This movie has a great message behind it all as Randy gets an opportunity to see what life without his family would be like before it's too late and comes with a great recommendation from me as a must see movie. I would easily rate this movie a 5 out of 5 stars because in today's world where we find ourselves so busy, its easy to lose sight of what really matters most. The movie is 91 minutes long and produced by Red Five Entertainment and Lionsgate. It was also the winner of the Pearl Award at the International Family Film Festival.

For more information on this movie, and where to purchase one for your family, click on the title below:


  1. I think I would enjoy watching this.

  2. Great review. It sounds like an awesome movie.
    You are so right about there not being enough family movies.


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