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Saturday, October 16, 2010

City On Our Knees

I am sure that some of you have heard the song, City On Our Knees by Toby Keith. It's a pretty inspiring song geared to bring the differences that separate us into submission so that we can reunite in a common goal and for the purpose of making our lives better by being better people to each other. I have included the music video at the conclusion of this post.

In the latest book, City On Our Knees by Toby Keith, he takes some stories of people who are doing just that, putting aside their differences and making the world a better place while we can. It's a life changing book that combines stories of the past with some of the very present and shares with all of us just how people are making a difference.

One such story is from Alexandra Scott who wanted to raise funds to help battle childhood cancer and win against the battle cancer was taking in the lives of her friends and herself as well being diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

She started by raising money selling lemonade and at first she raised $2000.00. Her second year she raised $12,000.00. In her third year in 2003, she raised $18,000.00 and in 2004 she raised $40,000.00. Yet despite her own struggle with fighting cancer, Alex still believed in raising a million dollars towards her goal and even though she didn't live to see the end of 2004, she did see her dream fulfilled in raising 1.4 million dollars to cancer research. See what dreams can do just selling lemonade in the mind of a determined child?

The book is filled with stories of hope and acts of kindness in making a difference in helping orphans in Africa, victims of sex trade worldwide and so many more. This book is a beginning in a journey of what we might all be a part of.

I received this book compliments of Bethany House Publishers for my honest review and must say this one really does rate 5 out of 5 stars. It's both inspirational and motivating and shows that one only has to dream it and begin to see it come to reality. This book is available in hardcover and on CD. For more information on the book, the author and where to purchase a copy, click on the title below:


  1. Sounds really awesome, I love Toby Mac.

  2. love him, Love him, Love fact going to see him and Skillet on their Winter Wonder Slam tour in Dec....And his books are great also. I used Jesus Freaks for my Sunday School youth one year as the lessons.


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