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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Recipe Club - Giveaway and Review

Lilly and Val have been childhood friends forever. Back when they were growing up in their teen years during the 1960's they spent their time writing one another letters and sharing a recipe. In the letters they would share whatever was going on with them at that stage whether it was their first kiss, fights between their parents, or even what their first job was going to be, they shared it all.

In the book, The Recipe Club by Andrea Israel and Nancy Garfinkel, you are taken back in time and have the opportunity to read the letters that Val and Lilly wrote to one another along with some incredible recipes that are found on virtually ever page. It's a combination of a journal and recipe book all in one. You feel like you have discovered a treasure in the words these two best friends shared and during a turbulent time, they lost contact for 26 years. However when Lilly's mom dies, she reaches out for the comfort she once shared with her best friend to see if they can recapture what they once had.

I received this amazing and unique book compliments of TLC Book Tours for my honest review and have to say it's like getting two books in one. The recipe's are amazing and so fun to try. The heartfelt letters between these two close friends shows such a love and friendship that has lasted through the years makes you feel like you know them personally. I would easily rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars. It's just what you could imagine two girls growing up would write if you could read their letters.

For more information on this book, the authors and where to purchase a copy for yourself, click on the title below:

Thanks to TLC Book Tours, they are offering a giveaway copy to one lucky follower of this blog. Here are your guidelines:

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2. MUST be a resident of the US or Canada and NO P.O. Boxes please!

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4. Leave me a comment and tell me why you'd love to win a copy of this book. The giveaway will end on Oct 13th and I will contact the winner by email.


  1. I've been hearing about this book here and there and it looks like a great read. I love new recipes!

    I'm a follower via GFC.

    autumn.crochet (at) gmail. com

  2. I love to read and I love to try new recipes. So, yes, two books in one! Sounds like a winner.

    I'm a GFC follower.

    undermyappletree at gmail dot com

  3. I love the story behind this book. One of my favorite cook books was also a diary of a young pioneer wife.
    I follow via GFC

  4. I would love this book. i love recipes and books so this is a perfect combination.

  5. I wanted to do this tour and I missed it! I'm glad the book is so good. I love cooking. I love recipes and I love stories that combine the two! I'd love to win. I follow in Google Reader.


  6. i'd love to win this because i love recipes!! especially ones with a history.

    amber (

  7. The first book I read with recipes in it was 'Garlic & Sapphires' & I just loved it. This sounds just as good. Please enter me, thanks.
    Email subscriber

  8. I would love this book because I collect cookbooks, love to cook and love to READ.

  9. Love new recipes. I'd love to read this. I'm a follower bkhabel at gmail dot com

  10. The book sounds like a really great read plus some great cooking to do!

    dancealert at aol dot com

    Yes I'm a follower!

  11. You can't tell a book by its cover but I sure do like the looks of this one. Sounds like it would be a good read. I am a follower of your blog.

  12. I like the cookbook/story in one concept, maybe it will motivate me to cook a little more.
    Follow via GFC
    hmhenderson AT yahoo DOT com

  13. I'd already added this book to my reading list, I love the fact it deals with friendship.
    I'm a follower
    Theresa N

  14. This has been on my wishlist for a while! It sounds like a good one.
    I'm a US GFC follower

  15. I love how you describe it as being like two books in one, and also like finding a treasure when you look inside. This sounds like a really wonderful book - I'm so glad you were a part of this tour!

  16. I would love the opportunity to win this. It sounds very interesting!

  17. I enjoy cookbooks and would like to win this one.

    cenya2 at hotmail dot com

  18. Thanks for this giveaway! Looks fantastic!

    ntaylor228 at yahoo dot com

  19. I collect cookbooks but better than that is the memories of writing letters to my best friend for years.

    GFC as frugal tumbleweed acres.

  20. I am a follower. I LOVE to cook, so the recipes would be great, and it sounds like a lovely book of these two lovely souls sharing with each other.


  21. Recipes----good book! Please enter me.

    I'm a follower by GFC. And email.
    desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

  22. Please enter me...I am a follower.

    silversolara AT gmail DOT com

  23. a follower of Reviews From The Heart and a Email subscriber.I like trying new recipes.The Recipe Club sound wonderful.Please enter me in the giveaway. augustlily06(AT)aim(DOT)com.Thank you.

  24. You are one sweet lady! I just don't know how you do it all! But I remember joining this new blog and you you are getting so many wonderful followers. I am so glad I know you Anne

  25. I LOVE to read and I LOVE to try new recipes. Nothing like "killing two birds with one stone". Thanks for the giveaway. I'm a GFC follower.


  26. I love to read. I love to cook. I love to try new receipes. Thant's why I'd love to win.

    Thanks for the chance.


  27. Recipes and journal in one book...sounds intriguing!


  28. This book sounds so wonderful. I am a new follower. booknook516atgmaildotcom

  29. I would love to win this giveaway. I am a new GFC follower of your site. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway.


  30. would love to read this novel...i'm a follower :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  31. I would love to read this one.

    I am a GFC follower

    teresasreadingcorner at gmail dot com

  32. I am a follower of this blog.


  33. I am a follower of your blog and would love to win this book. It looks wonderful.

    My email is

    Hope you will visit me on my blog.

  34. I'd love to win a copy of this book! I love to cook, so any novel combining food and friendship sounds like a good read to me!

    I'm a follower.


  35. I love the theme of friendship in a book and, of course, I also love recipes. This book would be great to read.
    I follow with GFC.



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