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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Caregiver

Lucy Troyer is coming via train to visit her cousin Mattie who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer among the Amish community of Jacob's crossing. Lucy feels that since Mattie was there for her when her husband Paul died and in the midst of years of abuse from him, it's the very least she can do.

Lucy is also hoping to finally put some of the deep, dark nightmares to rest that have been haunting her since he died. She feels that this time away focusing on Mattie's care may bring the healing they both need. She ends up becoming friends with Calvin Weaver and his young sister Katie aboard the train and when it breaks down, she discovers that God has a bigger plan in her life than she thought.

Mattie Lapp is beginning to wonder whether she can ever begin to live her life. She fears that cancer sits at her door waiting to take all it can including her life. She has already lost one breast and with the chemotherapy she isn't sure that she will be able to fight this final battle. Her only hope besides the expected visit of Lucy, is her childhood friend, Graham Weaver who lives next door. It is his unconditional caring that seems to help Mattie when everything else fails.

I received The Caregiver by Shelley Shepard Gray compliments of Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for my honest review and must say it was an award winner. The story between Lucy and Calvin is so much a different romance story than that happening between Mattie and Graham and the overlapping parallels of healing in both women's lives is touching on some many different levels. You can see how much God plays a part of every part of what each woman is dealing with and how His love, once more prevails. This one rates a perfect 5 out of 5 stars.

This is also the first book in the Families of Honor series and can't wait to read them all. This book is available in paperback and eBook formats.

Here's even more great information about the book, the author and where to get a first chapter peek into this heart-warming story of love and faith.

This week, the
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The Caregiver
Avon Inspire; Original edition (March 8, 2011)
Shelley Shepard Gray


Shelley Shepard Gray is the beloved author of the Sisters of the Heart series, including Hidden, Wanted, and Forgiven. Before writing, she was a teacher in both Texas and Colorado. She now writes full time and lives in southern Ohio with her husband and two children. When not writing, Shelley volunteers at church, reads, and enjoys walking her miniature dachshund on her town's scenic bike trail.


Two lives converge one stormy night on a train headed to Cleveland

Lucy is traveling by herself via train to Jacob's Crossing to help care for her cousin Mattie, recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Trying to overcome the sudden death of her husband, she's glad to get away and focus on someone else for a while.

The only other Amish people on the train are Calvin Weaver and his little sister, Katie. When their train breaks down outside of Cleveland, Calvin and Lucy band together to face the outside world. But Calvin also carries the weight of past hurts. When an altercation brings both their wounds to light, they question whether they can trust each other.

Once in Jacob's Crossing, Lucy is occupied with caring for Mattie, while Calvin does his best to run his family's farm. But they can't stop thinking about those special hours spent together. Will the bond they formed last? And will Lucy and Calvin be able to put away the pain in their pasts to recognize the happiness that is suddenly in their grasp?

If you would like to read the first chapter of The Caregiver, go HERE.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed this novel. It sounds like a feel good story. I love stories about healing.

  2. I found this book a compelling read, and liked the fact that it touched on a a couple of subjects that aren't normally mentioned in Amish fiction.

  3. It sounds like a very good book. Thank you for the review.


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