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Monday, March 7, 2011


Along a dusty road, walks a stranger dressed in black. He's wearing a cowboy hat pulled down low over his eyes and aside from hearing his crunching of his boots on the gravel street, there isn't much else going on outside the town of Paradise.

Sitting on the only bench outside of the town's drinking establishment, Cecil Marshall watches the stranger walk into town. The only other person sitting with him on that unseasonably hot summer day is a Johnny Drake.

"Looks lost." Johnny says to Cecil, who merely nods his head towards Johnny. He can't speak since he's a mute some eighty-one years ago. He and Johnny alone are the only ones watching the man in black walk into town. Yet there is something there that tells them today is about to change in the lives of those living in Paradise, for better or worse remains unknown but Johnny and Cecil believe it to be worse. Is all hell about to break lose in Paradise?

I received the novel Showdown by Ted Dekker, one of my all time favorite authors from my husband Steve for my birthday and honestly couldn't wait to find time to enjoy and savor the flavor of this book. Within the first chapter, you suddenly realize that once more Ted Dekker has masterfully captured the very essence of evil as it strolls into Paradise and with every page that turns after that brings you closer to what lies in store for the citizens of Paradise. Hands down another award winning book by Ted Dekker. This one rates 5 out of 5 stars with a word of caution. Read it with the lights on!

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