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Monday, May 16, 2011

Fade To Blue

Suz Mitchell was hoping for a fresh start away from her past. In moving into her brother's home on California's central coast, just within view of the famed Hearst Castle, along with her young son Jeremiah, she thought all her past was behind her. Until the day, he showed up quite literally right in front of her eyes.

Working as an apprentice restoring historic art for Hearst Castle, she looks up one day at the window washer who looks eerily familiar. It's Seth, her ex-boyfriend that she broke up with when he presented her with fleeting ideas to traveling the US and visit places while making a living wherever life took them. Wanting just a bit more stability in her life with the recent death of her mom, she found it in the arms of Len.

At first life was perfect, with a man who loved to wine and dine and spoil her with everything money could buy. She should have seen the signs that when things appear to be too perfect, there might be something too it. Her new husband found his life would soon be placed behind bars after finding out, the way he was making his money was through illegal drug deals.

Now she wants nothing more to do with either of them, but when the parole board announces that Len is heading her way with his new found faith in Christ and the re-appearance of Seth, Suz begins to wonder just what she should do and how to protect her son, Jeremiah from it all.

I received Fade To Blue by Julie Carobini compliments of Christian Blog Fiction Blog Alliance and B & H Publishing Group for my honest review. This book is such a treat as we see the restoration efforts set amid Hearst Castle and the Pacific Coast while love finds a way into the heart of Suz Mitchell through the Otter Bay series. This is a story about second chances and being willing to open your heart again with the help of God. It's the ultimate story of restoration of the heart and soul and captures a 5 out of 5 stars!

Here's even more wonderful information about the book, the author and where to get a sneak peek at chapter one.
This week, the
Christian Fiction Blog Alliance
is introducing
Fade to Blue
B&H Books (May 15, 2011)
Julie Carobini


A word from the author:

I grew up as Julie Navarro, in a family of truly right-brained individuals. Among us you’ll find writers, artists, and musicians, all of us willing to talk about the arts at a moment’s notice.

Over the years, I’ve published several hundred articles and stories in magazines and books, including Aspire, Decision, Expecting, Focus on the Family, Key Magazine and God’s Abundance: 365 Days to a Simpler Life. As I wrote, I found a common theme cropping up: my family, the sea, and God’s timely work in the lives of those around me.

Maybe it was time to incorporate those interests into novels, I thought.

And so I did. Not once, but twice. Both times, God shut both doors and windows. So I continued to write and dream and raise my kids with Dan. Eventually I decided to write romantic seaside novels, and that’s where I found my voice.

When I’m not writing, marketing, or editing for others, I’m driving my kids around town, imagining that my mid-sized SUV is actually a sleek sailing yacht.


Suz Mitchell is the determined dreamer we should all be and won't allow her ex-husband Len's jail sentence to ruin their young son Jeremiah's life. An accomplished artist, she moves with her child across the country to California's central coast and lands a sweet job restoring priceless paintings at the historic Hearst Castle overlooking the ocean.

To her utter surprise, a serious old flame, Seth, is also now working at Hearst and jumbles the dreams inside Suz's heart. While sorting out the awkwardness of their past split and current spiritual differences, a repentant Len shows up eager to restore his family.

Suz must learn to let God be the true restorer of all that once seemed lost.

If you would like to read the first chapter of Fade to Blue, go HERE.

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  1. This sounds like really good book. I'd love to read it!


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