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Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Promise of An Angel

To everyone a measure of faith has been given, but Judith Fischer isn't sure just how large her's is!

Always known for her creative storytelling and her love of children, she spends her time taking care of them when she can. When her family needs to have a barn raised, Judith is placed in charge of the children she loves so much while the men tend to the building of the barn and the women begin the preparation of the food.

She also has the advantage of keeping a very close eye on Levi Plank, the man, she has dreamed of marrying as soon as she turns 19 according to her parents wishes. Even though the Ordinung in which she lives allows for girls to court when they are 17, her parents wanted her to wait. Now while Levi works hard on the roof for the barn, she can glance at him from time to time.

While the women prepare to serve lunch, the group gathers round for prayer from Bishop Lapp, while he prays, Judith is bold enough to glance at Levi, and is stunned to see that her younger sister Martha is flirting with him. What's worse is he is returning her affections! When she glances down at her younger brother Samuel, she notices that he is missing. In horror, she sees he is on the roof of the barn attempting to help mend the roof. As she cries out to him, she sees him fall, and when she is the first to arrive hoping he isn't dead, she finds an English man who is kneeling beside him.

He tells Judith that God is guiding Samuel's steps with the bluest eyes. As he begins to walk away, the family arrives and begins to care for Samuel who is now unconscious. Judith follows him only to see him vanish in the fog in the apple orchard.

When Judith explains what she believes was an angel, the family grows concerned that Judith's stories are becoming too real for her to understand what is real and what is simply a story. Now it's up to her to convince everyone that an angel has appeared and that Samuel will be OK.

In the novel, The Promise of An Angel by Ruth Reid, the reader gets an unexpected surprise in the traditional Amish fiction. God has a plan for Judith and how He works on her will cause her to not only question her feelings for love and marriage but also just how much faith she possesses in the end. This book is highly recommended for those that love the Amish fiction, as it renews our own faith as we read about Judith's struggle not only in trying to convince her community what she saw is real, but also in being a woman who isn't afraid of telling others, despite all that it will cost her.

I received this edition on my Kindle compliments of Tyndale House Publishers through NetGalley for my honest review and LOVED it from the first page. I simply could not put this one down until I finished it. The characters are beautifully created by Ruth Reid as you become part of them in this story. I give this novel a 5 out of 5 stars and can't wait to read more from Ruth Reid in her Heaven On Earth Series.

For more information on this book, the author, view sample chapters, and where to purchase a copy for yourself, simply click on the links below:

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