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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Love Finds A Way

I love it when you find a unique book that gives you more than what you were expecting and I find this in Wanda Brunstetter's novel, Love Finds A Way. This is a beautiful collection of three short romance stories that capture the essence of finding love in a wide variety of circumstances and offers hope when you think you have just about given up hope in finding love.

In the first story, Blueberry Surprise, we meet a widow, Loren Patterson who has spent the last year getting over the death of her husband Ron who was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident. Now living with her in-laws, she has been working two jobs to make ends meet while she put her husband through medical school and now is trying to pay off all the medical bills. She has given up the prospect of finding love again and spends most of her evenings working as a waitress at Farmen's Restaurant in Seattle, Washington. Taking the advice of her friend Chris and her mother-in-law, Ann, she returns to college to pursue her own education at Bay View Christian College as a music teacher. Evan Bailey is doing the same thing with his own life since leaving the Airforce and is now looking to further his own education at Bay View as a child counselor and hopes to also someday find a sweet Christian wife. In the meantime, he spends his evenings sampling online recipes in hopes that adding cooking to his skills will make him a marketable husband. Will they find the perfect recipe for love?

In the second story, Grandma's Doll, Shelia Nickels has come to Casper,Wyoming as her Grandmother prepares to sell her house and move into Mountain Springs Retirement Center. She tells Shelia to visit her home one final time and take anything she wants from the house before it's sold and she knows exactly what she is looking for. As she heads to the attic to begin her search, she discovers the treasure she is searching for, is missing, a Bye-Lo baby that was her favorite when she visited her grandparents house as a young child. When she asks her Grandmother about it, she learns it was sold to The Older the Better Antique Shop across town now owned by Dwaine Woods. It just so happens that fate intervenes today when her grandmother asks Dwaine to stop by to appraise a piano she needs to sell and he and Shelia will discover that there are more than material treasures to be found if they are only willing to look hard enough. Will they discover the true treasures of the hearts?

In the final story in this novel, Matchmaker 911, Wendy Campbell is the town of Plumer's barber after taking over from her father, Wayne, who has succumbed to the effects of old age and severe rheumatoid arthritis and she finds herself wondering if a woman working in a predominately man's world is really such a good idea since having so many guys at the shop trying to make a play for her only made things worse. Now she spends her time caring for her father at home. But her father wants to see her with a man of her own to care for and a social life besides running the shop and caring for him. However when she hears a siren and realizes it stopping at her house, she panics knowing her father is at home. Kyle Rogers is the responding paramedic who helped her father out at the hospital before and what is finds when he arrives will be an adventure of a life time.

I received Love Finds A Way by Wanda Brunstetter compliments of Barbour Publishing and Net Galley for my honest review and I have to say I love books like this one. They have so much in them that you truly feel like you're getting a deal having three wonderful Christian romance stories all in one novel. Each one is unique and shows how God works in the details to bring healing, hope and love back into the lives of people who feel they have to accept things they way they are instead of something so much more. I rate this book a true 5 out of 5 stars!

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