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Friday, November 9, 2012

A Texan's Choice

To say that Rosemary Colson was having a bad day was simply an understatement. Not only has her father died today, but on the heels of his funeral, an hired gun, Scout Proffitt shows up to notify the family that their farm belongs to him. He won it in a card game with their now deceased father. Seems like he never did anything right when it came to his family. Now just moments after burying her father, Rosemary watches as her mother and sister pack up what little belongings they have and ride off, leaving her behind. Her mothers parting words to her were that she made so many poor choice when it came to finding someone to marry her, that now she must make a way for herself. She has only one other choice and that's to find a way to convince Scout Proffitt to let her stay on the ranch to take care of the cooking and cleaning.

Little did Scout Proffitt realize how much he would get when he came to claim the land he had won against Ben Colson. He didn't want to spend time caring for another young woman when the last time he had done so it resulted in suicide when he couldn't offer her what she wanted. He didn't want to get involved in this situation again in caring for another, but then again, he couldn't just turn her away like her own mother did. He'd spent his whole life running and perhaps now with a chance to settle down and own a ranch, perhaps his old way of life is about to change. If only everyone else would believe that he is a changed man despite his legendary rumors that run contrary to those beliefs.

In book three of the Heart of a Hero Series by Shelley Gray, A Texan's Choice shows how difficult it is to leave our tainted pasts behind us and attempt to start over again. For both Scout and Rose, the scenarios are similar but different. Each of them is strong-willed when it comes to what they both believe is right for their lives but find themselves crossing paths more often than not. When a string of thefts in town come too close for comfort the past is about to reunited with the present and Scout is about to learn that sometimes people aren't willing to let the past be forgotten!

I received A Texan's Choice by Shelley Gray compliments of Pump Up Your Book Tours and Abingdon Press for my honest review and have to say, I love how this entire series has come together with this one being the conclusion. I've had the delight to read all the books in this delightful series and Christian Western Romances are a huge favorite genre for me. In each, there is a moral lesson that is overcome and the challenges of living the life on the western frontier make them all the more challenging, when guns are often used to resolve disputes and women can be treated as mere property. Times were hard, life was living fast and short but in the end, the goal is always achieved. It often makes you wonder how many times people wondered if there was a different way of dealing with things over the way life played out. Shelley gives the reader an idea that things weren't always easy and the choices had tough consequences in the end. I personally rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars.

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