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Friday, November 23, 2012


"Child of dust, will you be My servant?"

When both Kien Lantec and the prophet Ela Roeh of Parne receive messages from the Infinite, they will each be called to do His will in different ways and in different lands. For Kien Lantec, it is usually through the voice of Ela the Prophet that the Infinite speaks His words to the people, but now, Kien has heard His voice to journey to the land of ToronSea like the biblical prophet Jonah to bear witness and seek to deliver a message to repent and turn from their evil ways. If they refuse, the Infinite will pour forth his wrath upon their land and destroy them. Kien sets out on his journey to the sea and thinks that he will only be gone for six days. But like the prophet Jonah from the Bible, Kien sets out to deliver the Infinite's message in his terms and without His guidance and suddenly finds himself being disciplined and cast over a cliff into the sea. Ela had warned him that he needed to follow the Infinite's commands and somehow he failed. Now faced with being swallowed by a giant sea beast, Kien wonders if Infinite will hear his pleas of repentance and forgive his foolishness.

Ela of Parne has received a devastating vision of her home of Parne. If her people will not turn back from their idol worship of the goddess Atea and return their faith back to the Infinite their kingdom will be overrun by their enemies from other lands and they will all be destroyed. Along with their precious gold, their enemies have discovered various ores that have been mined in Parne and with them the ability to weld weapons that will wreck havoc on all who come against them, allowing them to become the dominant kingdom and rule all other lands. But when Ela heads to her home, she finds she is not welcomed as one who has the favor of the Infinite. They are even now plotting to kill her and refuse to turn their wicked hearts away from the desires of their evil hearts. Will Ela also face the same vision she has had of her own death in Parne or will somehow the Infinite seek to save her like the lost cities of Sodom and Gomorrah of the Old Testament?

I received, Judge by R.J. Larson compliments of Bethany House Publishers and Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for my honest review. Having read the first book in the Book of the Infinite Series which became with the story of how Ela became the Prophet, I couldn't wait to see where R.J. Larson would take the series next. Armed with some serious biblical historical facts, the author weaves such a magical story you are completely captivated until the very end. If you love biblical fiction with a bit of fantasy thrown in for some added flavor and excitement, please consider this series. I think my favorite parts of the book deal with the Destroyers, an overly large horse that senses danger in those in protects and can understand their human owners commands. Oh how I would LOVE to see these beasts in picture. That is my only criticism of the books is they lack pictures of how wonderful the world is that R.J. Larson creates but then again, that's what imagination is for. This one rates a stellar 5 out of 5 stars and has me completely looking forward to the next book, King due out soon!

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