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Monday, January 21, 2013

Mystery of the Heart

Sometimes the beginnings for love can be found in the most unusual of circumstances. Mercy Grayson is truly thankful just to be alive. She has managed to have found the safety and security of land, after nearly being lost at sea. Now washed ashore, she wonders where she is. She looks up into the face of a man, Lord Edon, who tells her she has found her way to England and is about more than confused at the clothing she is wearing. Not what a woman would normally would, she has managed to wear a man's jacket and pants and if it were not for them, she would have drowned for sure.

She begs Lord Edon to help her find her sister, but refuses to offer any more explanation at just who she is and how she arrived washed up on the shore with no signs of a ship wreck in sight. Lord Edon tells her that the ship he is traveling on is filled with men who have the most unpure intentions if they were to know she is a woman, so he insists on cutting off her long hair to make her appear as a young lad to match the clothing and ensure her passage on the ship. He reminds her to speak to no one and to remain in his cabin until they dock.

When they arrive at the ship, she learns that Lord Edon probably saved not only her life but reputation as well keeping her identity hidden from the crew. He has her placed in his cabin under the ruse of being a valet he has found on the shore. She makes herself comfortable as best as she can, staying hidden in his cabin. While searching for a shirt to wear while her clothes dry, she comes across a wooden box that contains a spear head inside. Not sure what it is, she places the contents back in the box and covers it once more with clothing.

When the ship docks, Mercy has Lord Edon take her to her sister, Victoria's home and tells him that she is indeed royalty which he finds hard to believe. She is Lady Mercy Grayson of Ravensmoore and now the mystery is beginning to unfold as to how she found herself on the shores of North Umberland and what transpired to cause her to wind up in the ocean from Scotland. It seems both Lord Edon and Lady Grayson each have a bit of a secret each of them is hiding and neither one wants to be the first to tell their tales. Perhaps fate has dealt them each a different hand that is about to converge.

I received Mystery of the Heart by Jillian Kent compliments of Christian Fiction Blog Alliance and Realm Publishers for my honest review. This is the third book in the Ravensmoore Chronicle Series and delivers its finest to true traditional regencies fans! I love reading books with a strong, determined woman character who finds her interests lie in a man's world but still wish to pursue it despite what society may deem is inappropriate for a woman. In this case studying medicine and it seems as though God has truly blessed Lady Mercy Grayson will more than just a healing touch! I rate this book a true 5 out of 5 stars and find myself a true die hard Jillian Kent fan!

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