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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Lesson

Mary Kate Lapp is a bit like George Bailey from It's A Wonderful Life. Filled with dreams of exotic places and all she desires is the right time to set out on her journey. But at nineteen, she's still struggling to find her place in the world. She's a bit impulsive, over-active, and what some would call a bit of a busy body. Still she sees nothing wrong with her flittering in and out of people's lives around her. Until they seem to lead to trouble when she least expects it. Yet Mary Kate or M.K. as her friends and family refer to her, is more than smart. She's determined, a bit strong-willed and persistent. Since adventure has yet to find her, she's making plans for something more.

As luck would have it, adventure happens when and where she least expects it. While riding in her buggy one afternoon she hears a loud boom and when she investigates, it leads her to find a sheep farmer who has been murdered. M.K. takes a personal responsibility to find out who the murderer is before they kill in her small Amish community once again. But the police are less than pleased with M.K.'s offer to help solve the crime. So she does what any determined young women with a curious mind would, she sets out to find clues on her own.

While in the process she runs in to quite literally, Alice Smucker, who is the town's local drama queen. When she insists that she is going to die and requests that M.K. summons an ambulance, fate intervenes. Now that Alice is out of commission, the town needs a substitute teacher and the board has just the right person in mind. That's right, M.K. After all she spent the last eight-years under Alice's schooling and isn't the slightest bit pleased when they want her to fill in for the next three weeks. She doesn't have the slightest clue how to teach a class and her room full of students is about to unleash their worst on poor M.K. Adventure has indeed come to town.

In the novel, The Lesson by Suzanne Woods Fisher, we find ourselves at the concluding book in the Stoney Ridge Seasons series. In this one, the story revolves around M. K. or Mary Kate Lapp who seems to always be right in the middle of everything when she least expects it or when people would rather have her any place else. But besides adventure has she grown up enough to perhaps find someone to share in her spirited adventures or will she simply be too busy to notice what is right in front of her eyes. Just who is the new stranger that has moved into town and just why does he seem to keep to himself all the time. Is he in fact hiding something? Could it be that M.K. has found the murderer after all right beneath her nose the whole time? Well, you will need to pick this one up for yourself to find out.

I received The Lesson by Suzanne Woods Fisher compliments of Litfuse Publicity and Revell Publishers for my honest review. Having read the previous books in the series, The Keeper and The Haven, I was super excited to see how Suzanne would bring all this to a closure. It can be read as a stand alone but to really get to know the characters of Stoney Ridge, you will want to pick up the other two books. This is a delightful end to the most animated character in this series and one I could relate to quite a bit with my own version of M.K. in my youngest daughter. It has allowed me to see her a bit differently than I did before and like the ending of the book, it all comes full circle when you can see where it has all been going before. For fans of Christian Amish Romance with a bit of mystery attached, you will want to place this one on your must read list! I rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars!

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  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful review of "The Lesson" and for being such a support. You've been so kind to me--being a part of many blog tours for my books! I loved your review of "Lesson"--made me smile to think your daughter has a little bit of M.K. in her! Bet she's WONDERFUL! Warmly, Suzanne


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