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Monday, February 3, 2014

Gabriel's Bride

Choices, choices? But which is the right path to take? If only she had a definitive answer. Will God answer her prayers? Rachel Yoder is still dealing with the death of her only family member, her Aunt Katherine, she is now faced with finding a new place to live. Unlike most Amish families, her Aunt Katherine took out a reverse mortgage on her home and land. Now that she has passed away, the bank now owns the property and despite all of Rachel's pleas to make the payments, she has no other choice but to find somewhere else to move.

It seems her only option is moving to Ohio where her Katherine had some cousins that could definitely use her help raising eleven children. His wife has been ill lately and could use the help around the house if she is willing to come. But what other choice does she have? She can only pray that they might be willing to take her goats as well since she has been making a living with their milk and cheese. But Ohio? So far away.

"There is no one here that would take her in. No one who would help without needing something in return. For her to care for their children or cook their meals. No one who would understand how important it was for her to keep her goats and make her cheese. To understand how important it was for her to make her own way. Once again she was adrift. Alone in the world. Except this time she was twenty-six, not ten. This time she was an adult, though she still felt like a frightened child who had come here all the way from Florida to live with a maiden aunt after her parents had died in that awful accident.

"The district will have to choose a new deacon, and I'm putting your name in."

A dozen conflicting emotions swamped Gabriel. He wasn't worthy. He was a widower. He didn't need the responsibility while he was alone now and struggling to raise his children.

"I'll say that I'd rather you didn't." Being a deacon, or any of the chosen leaders, was no easy job. Aside from feeling like he wasn't worthy, he simply wasn't up for it.

""It'll do you good son."

Gabriel took a deep breath, slowing the mad thump of his heart. Just because his name went into the lot wouldn't mean he would be chosen. Only God knew the outcome.

"Course'n it'd be better if you were married."

He had no intention of getting married again. He'd been so blessed before, marrying a woman he loved with all his heart. Then the Lord had seen fit to take her home at the same time He gave them Samuel. Gabriel would never love like that again. Having experienced it once before, it wasn't fair to ask another to enter into a relationship that was not was wondrous. Oh, he knew that he'd had something so special with Rebecca, he couldn't settle for less. He's make do in his life, knowing that once he had held the world in his arms.

But the little voice whispered in his head. He no longer had a woman partner, someone - anyone - to help with chores and teaching the boys the ways of women. Katie Rose was getting ready to get married and Mary Elizabeth was gone, her love of animals and desire for an education pushing her into the Englisch world. His mother was doing well after her cancer treatments a couple of years back, but she was not as strong as she used to be. Gideon's Annie was going to deliver their first child soon. No, all the women in his life were busy living their own lives. Oh, they would help if he asked, but he didnt' feel that was fair, nor was getting married again. He'd just have to manage.

"I don't think - "

Esh shushed him with a wave of one hand. "You just be open to whatever God has in store for you."

There was no way to argue with that. "Jah, Deacon. I will at that." (Excerpt pg 13-14).

Welcome to Gabriel's Bride, the third book by Amy Lillard in her Clover Ridge series that has completed captivated my heart and soul! Both Rachel and Gabriel have pressing matters in which a marriage of convenience would work well for, but even though it seems like the perfect arrangement, neither of them are prepared for what lies in store for them. For Rachel she has to contend with trying to find a way to cook and clean when she appears to not be able to manage anything without burning or scorching something in the process. Gabriel has to battle the feelings that he finds stirring in his heart now that Rachel is living under his roof even though they have agreed to keep things platonic between them. It's the perfect recipe for romance and a whole lot of laughs along the way.

I received Gabriel's Bride by Amy Lillard compliments of B and H Publishing Group and Christian Fiction Blog Alliance Book Tours for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions are strictly my own unless otherwise noted. I have been completely charmed by this series because Amy creates a delightful cast of characters that keeps you coming back for more just to know what is happening in their lives. It's hard to believe that your simply reading a great novel and these characters only exist on the pages of this book and not in real life. They aren't perfect but have their own set of flaws much like we all do. I believe that is what makes readers sit up and take notice.  Congratulations Amy Lillard, you've hooked me and created such a craving for this series, I am officially addicted. I easily give this one a 5 out of 5 stars in my opinion and it even includes a discussion guide that is great for book clubs!

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