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Monday, March 24, 2014

The End Came With A Kiss

When you hear the words "Zombie Apocalypse" what comes to mind? I'm sure you think undead people rising up from the grave, unable to be killed and eating the flesh of other humans. I thought the very same thing when author John Michael Hileman asked me to review his latest novel The End Came With a Kiss. I wondered how he would be able to pull off something like this from a Christian perspective and how would he keep me entertained enough to sit through another zombie novel.

All I can say is he was correct in saying this is not your typical zombie apocalypse and I was forewarned to not start this unless I wanted to be committed to not being able to do anything else until I reached the end. Congratulations John! You did just that in a way I could have never imagined since I have heard just about every zombie possibility except for this one. WOW! Never saw that one coming. They say beauty is skin deep but in this case it goes much deeper.

Ben Carter is only a handful of humans left. Everyone else has succumbed to the plague that had turned humans into a term he refers to as "loopers." A looper is someone who is no longer alive but looks perfect in every single way. No rotten flesh or bloodied limbs hanging by a thread. These are the people he worked with, lived next door to and loved. Now they are trapped in mindless activities known as looping, doing the same things over and over again as though they are programmed like robots, simply going through the motions without conscience thought. People in his office building are stuck wandering the halls, mindlessly clicking on computer keyboards as though life continued around them without interruption but it has. If something steps into their pattern or loop, if they become frustrated, they become angry and frustrated taking things out in super human strength capacity.

Ben is one of those responsible for the zombies that are now seemingly alive and roaming around town stuck in their endless loops. He never considered his hand in the fate that was dealt to him when his own wife, Katherine, became a looper and one he can't bear to let go of. He has vowed and promised that he would do all he could to find a cure before she became lost in the minds of those around her. All he knows is that one kiss is fatal and would doom him to a life much like the one she and everyone else around her is living. But will he be able to find a cure in time now that he has discovered a fatal flaw in the future of the loopers?

I received The End Came With A Kiss by John Michael Hileman compliments of the author for my honest review. He has officially won me over from my skeptical opinions of what I imagined this one to be. I have to say, I love his take on this one so much better than anything I have read or watched about zombies. Thank you for writing this one the way you did and it does have me questioning just how much science gets in the way with the finding a cure for aging and for death. One can never tell if something like this could be something in our foreseeable future, but I would hope not. For now, it remains locked away in the words of this amazing science fiction novel and one I can whole heartily endorse with a 5 out of 5 stars in my opinion. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions expressed are strictly my own.
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