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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tide and Tempest

Sometimes the hardest thing to deal with besides the loss of love is trying to find a way to move forward and find a way just to get through the day. But for Tillie McGrath, she's still carrying the past around with her trying to find a way to make restitution for her unforgiven sin. When she arrived in America two years ago with her fiancè Braedon McKillop, she had hoped for a much different life than the one she received. Leaving Ireland against her parents wishes and running away with Braedon promised her a life of love and adventure. But life would rob her of all that happiness. Braedon died during their trip aboard Caitriona Marie leaving her alone and with their child. They never even had a chance to be married, but no one else knew that. It seemed that this life was due to be and she even lost her baby never having had the chance to get to know her.

Tillie now feels that looking back it was a series of bad mistakes that God is punishing her for and vows to do anything she can to get back into His good graces again, volunteering at the local church, and attempting to open a orphanage to help care for the cities children in an effort to earn her penance. But when Captain Keondric Morgan returns after two years to check on her welfare, she isn't quite sure what to make of concerns. But Captain Morgan has never forgotten Tillie and even he carries a guilt that he must now resolve. During a deathbed confession of the ship's doctor, he learns that Braedon's death wasn't an accident, he was murdered by the doctor. What he didn't realize in providing Tillie the opportunity to spend Braedon's final moments together would cost her her life.

Now it seems whoever was responsible for her husband's murder is concerned that Braedon confessed something to Tillie during his final moments, something that could lead the authorities straight to them if word gets out. Now when they realize she is living at the boarding house, it makes her an easy target to eliminate. But Captain Morgan and his younger brother Cass agree to stay at the boarding house in an effort to figure out who is trying to kill Tillie and protect her against all costs. But is it possible that both of them can fall in love with her at the same time and will either one be willing to accept whomever she choose and bow out gracefully? Or will their love blind them to protect Tillie in the process?

I received Tide and Tempest by Elizabeth Ludwig compliments of Bethany House Publishers and Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions expressed here are strictly my own. This is the third book in the Edge of Freedom series and is a must read for Historical fiction fans. I must add the beginning of the book started out really slow for me and I struggled to find a rhythm to keep on going through the novel. However by the time you get through the first handful of chapters you get hooked. I haven't had the pleasure of reading the first two books in this series, but I was able to pick this one up and get an idea of what happened earlier thanks to Elizabeth's introduction in the beginning chapters of this novel. Perhaps that is why it was so hard at the beginning to get into. However, that being said I would rate this one a 4 out of 5 stars in my opinion.

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