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Monday, April 14, 2014

Extended Forecast: Global Chaos

I am sure you have heard the stories of people attempting to control the weather through the process known as cloud seeding or chem trails. What if it was possible to control the weather? What if making a super storm or a drought would cause one to hold keys to ultimate control of the world. Just think of what the ramifications could be from a military perspective if we could control the economy, food and water supply by just taking control of what kind of weather any state or county would receive.

HT Wetco is such a company in the latest novel from Michael Andrisano on the heels of his first novel Operation Seeding. In Extended Forecast: Global Chaos, the second book in the Rain Men Series,  HT Wetco along with the consent of the US government are now involved in the trial of the century for conspiring to control the weather around the entire planet, leaving such countries like Russia in a drought for decades. Rising food costs and shortages of clean water, have left the Russian government at the hands of other countries searching for aid. Now they have learned that America may have been involved to sabotage their economy and there are those in the Russian government that think America is due to be paid back.

Now the hunt for a terrorist known as Gunter is being launched world-wide. He is a known hit man who has no conscience at taking lives of those willing to pay for the job to be completed. In fact he has struck at the heart of the Russian Mafia family and taken down an innocent family while they were vacationing leaving only his calling card, a man hanging upside down on a cross. He has also taken out the grandparents and fiancè of an American FBI agent Clara Beach. The two women form an alliance to hunt down the known killer to stop him from launching a nuclear attack on the United States along with the Muslim Brotherhood. If they don't succeed, the United States will have no choice but to launch a counter attack on Russia and Russia will be forced to defend itself.

Meanwhile, HT Wetco is far from taking this trial lying down.. Todd Thurston, now in control of the company has been hired to create the storm of the century that will wipe Washington D.C. off the map in an internal terrorist plot designed to clear the name of his company and point the finger directly at the US Government instead by killing two influential men who know far too many secrets to be allowed to live and speak at the trial. But as Todd's plans are put into motion, is it possible he has bitten off far more than he can chew by thinking any one man can really control the weather?

I received Extended Forecast: Global Chaos by Michael Andrisano compliments of Outskirts Press for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions in this are strictly my own. While the premise of this novel was the reason for me reviewing the book, I was disappointed by the overwhelming amount of characters the author attempts to introduce at the beginning of the book. You have to stay on top of things and attempt to connect the dots to see where everyone's motives are and which side they are each on. Couple that with random sexual content from some of the women characters attempting to bride their way into judges lives and you begin to get a distaste for what could have been an exceptionable premise. This is definitely not for the Christian/family reader base my blog reaches out to and for those looking for a suspense story couple with multiple threats to the world, then this may in fact be something you might enjoy. For me, it was simply not something I was looking forward to seeing in the text and feel the author might want to rework the story a bit for a relaunch. It has appeal but just fell flat for me. I would rate this one a 3 out of 5 stars.

For more information about Extended Forecast: Global Chaos, Michael Andrisano or where you can pick up a copy of this novel today, please click on the links below:

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