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Monday, July 7, 2014

Hope Deferred

This is a novel based on a set of twins June and July who are both trying to conceive. For June and her husband Toby, they struggle with trying to figure out why they can't have a baby alongside discovering just how far they can pursue things until their insurance fails to cover anything further. While Toby remains optimistic, he understands June's struggle and desire to have a baby, and offers to support her any way he can. When their doctor reveals she has done all she can for them, she recommends they seek more testing with an reproductive endocrinologist. But June knows, if they do they, the likelihood of the insurance company covering that will be almost 0% and they will have to pay all the costs to have further testing and treatment.

It doesn't make things any easier knowing the her sister July at least got pregnant but when they learned it was an ectopic pregnancy and threatening July's life, her husband Gareth was more than relieved when they miscarried. Now he is more than apprehensive to try again without knowing if July's health will be at risk. He isn't willing to risk the potential of having a child only to lose July in the process and leave him as a single parent. He is fine with the way things are right now, but July isn't. She just isn't sure how to convince Gareth to give it another try. When they find themselves at opposite ends of the playing field and arguing more than they are willing to talk things through, July gives him an ultimatum, either seek options to find out why they can't have a baby or get marriage counseling.

As both couples try to come to terms with having a child, they are pulling on opposites of the marriage spectrum. One is willing to work together to see what options they have while the other struggles to maintain the sanctity of their marriage. It is a difficult process and I think the counseling sessions that July and Gareth attend show how we can see things differently than through the eyes of our loved ones in difficult situations. While each of them struggles in uniquely different ways through the crisis, the twins try to rally their own level of support for one another while dealing with other couples and friends that are having no problems becoming pregnant and having babies.

I received Hope Deferred by Elizabeth Maddrey compliments of Christian Fiction Blog Alliance and Hope Springs Books for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions contained here are strictly my own. This is the second novel in the Grant Us Grace Series and deals with the struggles of trying to have a child on various levels. It gives one insight into struggles of infertility and knowing what God's stand in the matter is, how to keep the lines of communications open between married couples and also how to be understanding around those who want a baby but all the options for them are simply not working. I think Elizabeth did an exceptional job at showing both sides of the coin in this situation and one I can give a 4 out of 5 stars for!

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