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Monday, September 15, 2014

The Curious Case of the Missing Figurehead

What do you get when you take the owner of a catering business and couple that with her ability to help the local sheriff with solving crimes in her free time? You get the latest series from best-selling author Diane Noble in The Curious Case of the Missing Figurehead, the first novel in the Professor and Mrs.Littlefield Mystery series. It's like taking Angela Lansbury from Murder She Wrote and pairing it up with Indiana Jones and you get a taste for what this novel is like.

El Littlefield runs The Butler Did It, a catering company that allows her to operate her own detective agency to aid in solving the latest crimes to hit Eden Bridge, where she lives along with her daughter Katie and her granddaughter Chloe Grace. Armed with her partner in crime at times, Hyacinth Gilvertin, Southern Highland University's archivist, they hope that they will be able to pull off the biggest catering event of the year. Dr. Max Haverhill is set to host a dinner party and announce his latest archaeological find, a figurehead that was carved by a Boston artisan in 1812 that quite possible holds a map to locate one of the largest stockpiles of treasures stolen by the Nazis and hidden by the French Resistance.

But Dr. Haverhill is convinced that someone has been responsible for a recent attempt on his life while removing the figurehead from the ocean bottom where he discovered it had been hidden all these years. In fact he suspects that unless he cancels this dinner party tonight, his life and that of countless innocent guests may be in jeopardy until they have more time to hunt down the elusive couple from Paris that seem to have a connection to these recent events. But doing so now that El and Hyacinth have pretty much invested their entire life savings in food and party rentals, would mean the disaster to the future of her catering business. Just as she is able to convince Dr. Haverhill that there is plenty of security and all the mysterious guests have been accounted for, the guests at the dinner party becoming violently ill with apparent food poisoning and the figurehead goes missing along with Hyacinth, who was suppose to ensure that the figurehead remained safe and secure. Now El has a limited amount of time to do the investigation because as more time continues to elapse, the fingers are beginning to point to El and Hyacinth as being the criminals.

I received The Curious Case of the Missing Figurehead by Diane Noble compliments of David C.Cook Publishers and Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions contained here are strictly my own. This is such a great mystery series, because it adds a bit of comedy, romance, and of course down-to-earth detective work as El tries to unravel the clues she finds as she tries to clear her name and that of her business while trying to find her best friend, which no one believes is really missing. Even more amazing is that El finds herself suddenly falling in love with the Professor while helping him hunt down his missing artifact that will undoubtedly hold more mysteries once it's found. A must read for fans of mystery fiction coupled with a bit of romance. It's fast paced and definitely a whole lot of fun until she can solve the crime of the century, at least in her small town, and you'll never guess who is behind it all!! I rate this one a 4 out of 5 stars in my opinion.

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