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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A.D. 30

I've been a huge fan of anything written by Ted Dekker. In fact, there hasn't been anything I've read that I haven't loved. Now whenever I get a request to review any novels from him, I don't even have to read the synopsis because I am already so excited to get my hands on another of his exciting series. His latest novel A.D. 30, was inspired by his wife, whom he references as Maviah, the main character in this novel. She has to utilize all her strength going beyond what she feels and pulls from an invisible source to deal with what life hands her throughout this novel.

But it wasn't so much the story that captivated me as much as Ted's chapter "My Journey into A.D. 30" at the beginning of the novel that really hit home for me as a believer. I too have struggled in my life as a believer so many times, when adversity hits home and we struggle to find that strength in Christ to measure up and move forward often times failing worse than a non believer might. It's a brutal honesty of his heart that resounded with me and made me want to venture into my own personal search in reading this novel. "What about you? You're saved in the next life as a matter of sound doctrine, but do you often feel powerless and lost in this life? Without a doubt, the answer for me and I am sure plenty of other readers will be a huge "Yes!"

Ted references Jesus in this novel as Yesua, the name He was called in His day. He takes readers into the search through this novel to discover "His Way through the lens of a foreigner - a Bedouin women who is cast out of her lofty position in the deep Arabian desert by terrible tragedy. Her epic, unnerving journey forces her to the land of Israel, where she encounters the radical teachings of Yeshua, which once again turn the world upside down." (5). As the alliances in which Maviah's people has broken down and betrayal runs rampant, she is the last hope, much like Esther was to her own people, to find salvation and restoration in meeting with Herod to broker an agreement that might save her father as well as her town of Dumah.

Along the way, her loyalty will be tested, her beliefs in the gods of Ancient Egypt will be questioned, and the faith and unconditional love she finds when she encounters Yeshua is bound to affect you in a remarkable way. It truly is a story of sacrifice for those you love and how far you might be willing to go, what the costs of revenge truly are, and how we can find strength in the midst of the darkest places in our life. Now I can't wait for the next novel A.D. 33 to come out. What an amazing novel that will impact you long after you finish the final page.

I received A.D. 30 by Ted Dekker compliments of Shelton Interactive and Center Street Publishing, a division of Hachette Book Groups,  for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions contained in this review are strictly my own unless otherwise notated. I absolutely love the richness of the details in this novel. I actually felt like I was part of Maviah's small caravan as she and her companions headed out across the desert oasis relying on the stars and the sand to help navigate the way to Sepphoris to reach King Herod before she is hunted down by the Thamud who are trying to stop her. It truly allowed me as a believer to experience the Way of Jesus as I never had until reading this novel. I love the interaction between Yeshua and Maviah and how she conveys how He literally saw not only her but through her to the deepest places of pain in her life, much as I would expect Yeshua would if we encountered Him. Well done again Ted Dekker, and now I wait anxiously for A.D. 33 in anticipation!!! Hands down a 5 out of 5 star novel!

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