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Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Book Review for the book titled Emissary by Thomas Locke

Written in a possible mid century type of style where wizards, mages, magic, mystery and a clouded past are just a part of the true underlying story of Hyam. Born and raised by a mother who did not birth him and a father who did not raise him casts shadows of uncertainty and an unresolved past of who Hyam really is. He has powers and can speak forbidden tongues of Milantian, Ashanti, and Elven even from an early age. It was told that anyone speaking or to be of Milantian blood would be killed on the spot. Hyam tries to understand who he is, where he is from and his uncertain future that bids of doom and prophecy.

Reading through the book from the first several chapters sent me in search of Ore as I turned each page. The character development was very well written and with each chapter I could see the characters forming in my imagination! Some of the writing could be better written with explaining how Hyam got from one town to another as in the beginning. It skips a bit without much detail on how the main character gets from one place to another.

Hyam, Joelle, Bryna as well as a flock of other interesting characters fill the pages with a deep sense of sorrow, wanting, and a lust to be free. The main characters could each have a separate book written about them and their races that would be just as fascinating as this book was. I will leave that to the author...

I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars and would recommend anyone who loves mythical, magical science fiction and fantasy! I received Emissary by Thomas Locke compliments of Revell Publishers and Edify Media Group for my honest review. I received this book for free with no monetary exchange either written or expressed for my sole review. Thomas Locke is the pseudonym for Davis Bunn as he launches into a new genre of novels for readers. Davis Bunn has long been a favorite author of mine and this was did not disappoint. Definitely one I would recommend to fans of novels like The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Chronicles of Narnia. This is the first novel in the Legends of the Realms Series due out in January of 2015, with a teaser prequel The Captive out now! I can't wait for the sequel and once again this author has found a true treasure in this book lover's heart!

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